[Supplication of Lord Almond for resignation and approbation of his charge as lieutenant general]

Supplicatioun Lord Almond

To the kingis most excellent majestie and the rycht honorabill estaitis of parliament,

The humble supplicatioun of the Lord Almond,

Scheweth that whairas it pleased the estaitis of the kingdome, with the advyse and consent of the lord generall, to honour your petitioner and to entrust him with the charge of lieutennent generall of thair armie in the last trubles, during the tyme of the which imployment he hath lawbored in all faitlifulnes to acquyt himself, and now since by the blissing of God and the happines of the last treatie all matters of that kynd ar brocht to ane peacibill close, his earnest desyre is thairfor that your majestie and estaitis foirsaidis would be graciouslie pleased to disburdene him of that charge, and accept at his handis a soleme surrander of his commissioun, which he is reddie to give, and to receave ane accompt of his actiouns, which he is willing to rander when he salbe called, that so he may have your majestie and the estaitis approbatioun or censure as he hath deserved. And your majestie and estaitis answer heirupone your petitioner doeth humblie crave.

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