[Act in favour of Mr Alastair Pitcairn, minister at Tannadice]

Act anent Maistir Aiexander Pitcairne, ministir, and James Ramsay of Ogill

25 Sept[ember] 1641

The comitte for the peace of the north and distrest ministers ordanis the band tane be the comitte of estates quhairin James Ramsay of Ogill and the Lord Gordoun as cautioner for him ar obleist to Maistir Alexander Pitcairne, minister at Tannadies, for his personall indemnitie wnder the paine of fyve thowsand merkis toties quoties and for the lyke soume incase Ogill beis fund airt or pairt of the wrong done to the minister, to stand in force quhill the eicht day of Januar nixtocum in anno jM vjC fourtie twa yeiris. And in the meantyme betuix and that day ordanis the minister to persew and do sic diligence as he will be served for making of the said James Ramsay of Ogill airt or pairt of the wrong done to the minister mentionat in the said band. And if he failyie heirintill, ordanis the band to be extinct and ineffectuall efter the said day, bot Ogill to find cautioun for the ministeris indemnitie for the tyme thairefter.

29 September 1641

Red in audience of his majestie and estaittis of parliament, who approves the same and ordaines the act to be extracted.

Balmerino, I[n] p[raesentia] d[ominorum] parliamenti

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