[Report from the committee of the army regarding the pay of officers of fortune]

At Edinburgh, 23 September 1641

The comittie for the army sederunt: Lieutennent General, Earl Lothiane, Lord Coupar, Dun, Wederburne, Lugton, Harden, Nidry, Cesnok, Edinburgh, Dundy, Glasgow, Lynlthgow, Air.

The Laird Johneston, his petitione for his officeris of fortune wes read, quhilk being taken to consideratioune, the committie found it doubtfull whither it wes within the compas of ther commissioun, bot befor they gave answer to the samen they thocht the Laird Johneston sould instruct his bill in the poyntis of his not going out with the army and the remanent pointis of the said petitioune averred thairin, and therefor could give no present answer.

It wes agitat whither or not the army or the regimentis within the countrie salbe first taken to consideratione, and wes resolved that the considerationes anent the army salbe in the first place.

William Thomesone, being called for, wes asked what progres wes maid in the accomptis, who answered that he had maid all the comptis ready and wes willing to compt with any who pleases to come to him. The committie appointed William Thomesone to give so muche money to every colonell or uthair two superior officeris, responsall landed men, as will pay the officeris of fortune their dewis. And the saidis sowmes to be put in the regimentis accomptis, the rollis and dewis of the saidis officeris of fortune to be subtractit be the said colonell and quartermaster or uthair two superior officeris upon their honor and credite, and they to pay the officeris of fortune.

The committie appointed William Thomsone to pay to the companyis and regimentis quhair any of these who come out of Ireland and are to returne bak againe alse muche money as will pay these who come from Ireland and are to return bak againe. And least any contraventione be maid herein, it is appointed that the colonell of the regiment or lieutenant colonell with the capitane of the company quhair the men servid sall declair upon their honor that these personis did come from Ireland and are to returne thither and to put the same in the regiment accomptis.

No arrestmentis are to be acknowledged.

The west country regimentis are to be first compted with that the Irishe men and companyis may be payid.

Pitlochry and young Bachilton are to mak compt and be answerable for the Earle of Montrose his Perthe regiment, and the Laird of Dun and Logy Wishart for the Angus regiment, the Laird of Wedderburne and Toftis for the Earle of Homes regiment.

Lothian, I[n] p[raesentia] d[ominorum]

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