[Supplication of Mr Robert Barclay, provost of Irvine, for exoneration of his carriage in the treaty negotiations]

Unto the king's most excellent majestie and the honorabill hous of parliament,

I, Maistir Robert Barclay, provost of Irwing, humbly sheweth that quhair I wes directed by these who wer entrusted by the parliament in November 1639 as one of the commissionaris from them in company with the Earle of Dumfermeling, Lord Lowdoun and shirreff of Teviotdaill for cleiring the imputatiounes layed upon the said parliament and to give satisfactioune to his majestie anent their proceidingis at that tyme, in the quhilk negotiatione I studyed to behave my selfe as become one who wes entrusted with suche ane honorable charge. And howbeit the Earle of Dumfermeling, the shirreff of Teviotdaill and I at our returne to Scotland did rander ane accompt of our proceidingis, yet in respect of the troubles of the tyme these entrusted in the effairis of the kingdome had not tyme to examine particularly my particular cariage and either to have approven or censured me according as I sould have bene found to demerite, this makis me now, in all humilitie, to entreat your majestie and this honorabill hous to tak tryall of my cariage in the said employment and either to censure me if I salbe found to have omitted any thing entrusted to me in charge or to have comitted any thing to the prejudice of your majestie and the kingdome; or uthairwayes to approve my proceidingis if they salbe so found to deserve. And I sall ever as I am bound pray etc.2

  1. NAS, PA6/4, 'September 23 1641'.
  2. Followed by a series of clauses, dated 23 and 24 September, signed by John Elphinstone, lord Balmerino, reporting different readings of this supplication before parliament.