[Resignation of the places of current officers of state, council and session]

His majesties last answer anent the present new electioune of officeris of estait, counsallouris and sessionaris being considderit, it will evidentlie appeir that the question is not now betuix his majestie and parliament bot betuix the parliament and sum of thais quha standis presentlie provydit to the saidis offices and places, albeit it be notourlie knawine by all the supplicationes, complaintis and remonstrances maid to the kingis majestie be the subjectis of this kingdome thir many yeiris bygane that all thair greivences did proceid from the corruptioun of the saidis fountane of justice. It is thairfoir thought expedient that thair be ane roll maid of all the saidis officeris of estait, counsallouris and sessioneris and that they be callit one be one in plane parliament to declair quhither they will submit the richtis of thair places to his majestie and the parliament and lay thame doun at thair seit, or gif they will maintane the samyne and rather abyd his majestie and the parliamentis tryel and censor. And that they answer I or no, that thairefter the king and parliament may advyse quhat course they will tak with thais quha will adher to thair places.

  1. Original not yet found. Source is APS, v, p.667.