[Minutes of the meeting of the nobility regarding the nomination of officers of state, council and session]

At the meitting of the nobilitie to prepaire thameselfis to give thair opinions and answer anent the fitnes of the persones nominate be his majestie to be counsalloris and officiaris of estate, it was moved first whidder counsallouris or officiaris of estaite should be begun at in the consideratione of his majesties list. 2. In that consideratione, whidder the answer should goe upon persones in particular or upon generall groundis or both.


Quhilk of these two questiones should be first voyced be way of opinioune. 3. Gif both counsallouris and officiaris of estate should be takin to consideratione joyntlie that the answer may be represented to his majestie for thame both in generall

[...] conjunctlie

[...] severallie

Whidder it shall be ane questioune gif the kingis list thould be takin to consideratione conjunctlie or severallie, yea or not.

[...] yea

[...] not

The barones proponed that foure of each nomber may be.

  1. NAS, PA7/2/94.