[Minutes of the meeting of the commissioners of the shires regarding the nomination of officers of state, council and session]

Seing the wordis of the act ar that his majestie will nominat and mak choyse of such habill and qualifeit persones to fill the places as sall be fittest for his service and may give most contentment to the estaitis of parliament and that he will mak the said nominatioun and choyse with the advyce and approbatioun of the estaittis:


Iff the parliament may give his majestie thair advyce befoir the nominatioun and iff, in thair advyce, they may condiscend upoun the persones names quhom they think fittest for his service and thair contentment.


Iff thais quha hes bene forth of the countrie dureing the tyme of the troubles (giving that they wer weill affected) sall be paralelled be the king and parliament in the electioun to eminent places with thais quha hes gone alonges with the countrie in hir bygaine extremities, and iff the parliament can give thair advyce to the electioune of thame as being the fittest men considdering the present conditioun of tyme efter sic long troubles, yea or no.

Resolved be the barones upoun this questioun negative.

  1. Original not yet found. Source is APS, v, p.666.