[Petition of Alexander Ramsay for passage of his gift through the exchequer]

Unto the kingis most excellent majestie and the honorabill hous of parliament, I, Alexander Ramsay, sone lawfull of umquhile Johne Ramsay off Balnabreiche, and brother to umquhile James Ramsay, sone naturall to the said umquhile Johne, my father, humblie scheweth that quhair I, as brother to the said umquhile James Ramsay, have obtynit the gift of his bastardrie under his majesties hand, quhilk gift the thesaurer depuit and remanent lordis off excheker will on nawayis pas, expeid and delyver to me without ane compositione be payit thairfoir, albeit it was intendit be the honorabill estaittis off parliament that the airis, executoris and narrest freindis off suche as sould happin to die in the publict service sould be usit with all kynd of favour and receave all suche courtesies as the king and estaittis might grant in thair behalff. And trew it is that the said umquhile James Ramsay, my brother, was killed in the conflict at Newburne, being ane trowper in the cumpanie under the commandement off Capitane Grahame, as is notour to the haill commanders wha war thane present. Thairfoir it is humblie desyrit be me that ane warrand may be grantit and direct in my favouris to the thesaurer depuit, lordis of excheker and utheris quhome it concernis to pas, expeid and delyver to me the foirsaid gift alreaddie grantit in my favouris, and that without payment of any compositioun. Thairfoir in respect foirsaid and I sall ever as bond in dewtie pray etc.

17 September 1641

Red in audience of his majestie and estaittis off parliament, who granted the desyre theroff.

Alexander Gibsone

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