[Petition of Mr William Turnbull for the passage of the gift of John Turnbull through the exchequer]

Wnto his sacred majestie and honorable lordis and estaites of this present parliament, humblie meanis and schawis I, your servitor Maistir Williame Turnbull, minister at Makcairstoun, that quhair umquhill Johnne Turnbull of Mynto, my brother, contractit seiknes in the publict service in the army at Newcastell, quhair he remainit ane lang space and thairefter depairtit this lyfe, quhairby the gift of the waird of his lande and mariage of Johne Turnbull, his eldest sone, now fallis in your majesties hande, heirfoir I beseik your majestie and estaites foirsaidis to geve ordour to his hienes thesaurar depute and remanent lordis of exchekker to pas the signatour presentit to thame quhilk is signed by your majestie in my name of the said gift of waird and mariage of the said Johne Turnbull, my brother sone, quhilk is taikin to his behuif of consent of his speciall freindis. And that upoun sik reasonable compositioun as your majestie and estaites foirsaidis sall think expedient.

17 September 1641

His majestie, with advyse of the parliament, appointis the deputie thesaurar and lordis of exchekquhair to pass the gift within written gratis, and appointis the clerk to give the dowble of this delyverance under his hand for thair warrand.

Balmerino, I[n] p[raesentia] d[ominorum] parliamenti2

  1. NAS, PA6/4, 'September 17 1641'.
  2. This clause is written on the rear of the document.