[The remonstrance of the estates of parliament concerning the Prince Elector Palatine]

The humble remonstrance of the estates of parliament to his sacred majestie concerning the Prince Elector Palatine

Most gracious soveragne,

Wee, the estates of parliament, representing the body of this your majesties auncient and native kingdome, doe in all humility presume to remonstrat to your sacred majestie the true sens and feilling the wholl countrey have had and doe more and more tak to heart of the manyfold sufferrings your majesties onlie sister and her princely childrene, the Prince Electour Palatine and his brethrene and sisteris, have induired thir manie yeares bygane in the defrauding and debarring of them from their lawfull estate and possessiounes, wherin your majesties whole dominiones (bot more particularlie this your majesties native kingdome) ar so far concerned that according to thair power and abilities they ar obliedged by bonds of dewtie, nature and Christianitie to use all lawfull and ordinarie meanes for obteaning them to be restoired to their auncient inheritance and dignities. The manie bygane lattis and continowed delayes, notwithstanding of all the fair dealling used be your majesties late royall father and your selff, gives us more then apprehensive ground of feares that the present treatty of Rattisbone shall produce no better effects then the former have done. In consideratioun whereof, we ar forced in name of the wholl kingdome humblie to represent how necessar and expedient it is that your majestie wald be graciouslie pleased, with advise and consent of ws, the estates of parliament, to enact and ordaine that no leavies either of armies, regimentis, companies or recrues of souldiouris be licentiat or warranted to be sent out of this kingdome till ane resolute answere returne from the said dyet at Rattisbone concerning the said Prince Elector, at leist quhill the first day of Aprile nixt, to the effect his highnes effaires and bussinesis may be the better furthered and advanced. Dureing which space all leavies and recrues of souldiouris wald be discharged to be uplifted or sent out of this kingdome.

Charles R[ex]

4 Septemb[er] 1641

Red in presence of his majestie and estaittis of parliament, and heirupon his majestie, with advyse of the estaittis, ordaines ane act to be drawin up, which was accordinglie done. Lyke as his majestie doeth promise that he will give ordour that no Scottis soldiour shall be shipped or haif passage at Bervick, Workingtowne, Whyteheavin, Newcastle or any other seaport in Ingland during the tyme forsaid.

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