[Answers to the king's doubts concerning the election of officers of state, council and session]

Ansueris to the doubtis proponed be his majestie to the estaittis of parliament concerning the electioune of officiaris of state, counsallouris and sessionoris

We have considered of that which it pleased your majestie to impairt to some of our severall bodies yesterday, and as we acknowledge that your majestie hes just reasone to be cairfull of your awin royall authoritie and evin to be warie not to doe that in any of your kingdomes which your majestie conceavis may by example be drawin to your prejudice elsewhaire, so we desyre your majestie to beleive that we shall never to oure knowledge intend any thing to the leist derogatioune of your just power, which we ar bound to maintaine not only by our commoune alledgeance bot also by our nationall oath and covenant. And thairfoir we beseech your majestie to consider that the demand concerning the electioune of officiaris of estaite, counsallouris and sessioneris is groundit upon the ancient lawis and custome of this kingdome and upon the just sense we have of the necessitie of your royal absence from this your native countrie, which gif we could redeime, we wald esteeme above any such priviledge. And gif we did enjoy the many benefittis of your majesties continuall residence amongst ws (which is the greate happines of our brethren of Ingland), then wald we forbeir to press these thingis which we ar forced now to insist upon in supplement of that want. And so we expect your majesties gracious answer to this oure reasonable and well groundit demand.

  1. Original not yet found. Source is APS, v, p.654.