[Overtures of the nobility regarding the nomination of officers of state, council and session]

At the meitting of the nobilitie

It is agreed be way of opinioun among the noblemen that they will be humble suitouris to his majestie that his majestie may be pleased to declaire for himselfe and his successouris that he will make choyse of such able and qualified persones for the offices of estate, places of counsale and sessione, whairof they acknowledge the nominatioun to belong to his majestie as shall be most fitting for his majesties service and may give most content and satisfactioune to the estaittis of parliament.

2. And sicklyke the noblemen will be humble suitouris to his majestie that he wald place all officiaris of estaite, counsale and sessione be advyse and consent of the parliament during the sitting thairof, and during the intervall betuixt parliamentis that he wald place the officiaris of estate and counsallouris be advyse and consent of the counsale, and the sessioneris be advyce and consent of the sessione respective.

3. That the counsallouris, officiaris of estaite and lordis of sessioune may be provydit ad vitam, all being lyable and accomptable to the censure of his majestie and parliament.

To prefix this narrative:

Forsameikle as thair was ane article of the treattie anent the placing of officiaris of estate, counsall and sessione, quhairof the answer was remitted to be determined be his majestie and the parliament, thairfoir his majestie, considering his ordinar residence in Ingland quhairby the qualificatione of persones may not be so weill knawin to his majestie as gif he war not so necessarlie absent, heirfor etc.

Item, the noblemen who goes to his majestie may represent to his majestie the act of parliament anent the gift of waird and marriage of these who dyed in the publik service, and that they desyre that thaire waird and marriage may be secured and all of the lyke kynd.

Item, that the noblemen shew his majestie that they think fitt to rescind the act of parliament 1633 anent the exchequhair and only declair that the exchequhair ar only judges to materis concerning the managing of the kingis rentis and casualities.

Item, to speik to his majestie anent the rescinding of the act 1633 anent the vassallis of wairdlandis, discharging the setting of landis haldin waird of the king in few.

Item, to desyre his majestie to take some course for restitutione of the armes takin in Jhone Hallis ship and other shippis quhilkis ar at Berwick according to the first propositione maid the tyme of the treattie and his majesties promise.

Memorandum: That some propositiones may be sett upon foote for annexing bishops landis and superiorities to the crowne.

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