[Date of public fast; committees ordered to meet; business recommended to the several bodies]

Rege presente.

The commissioners for the church produced ane paper containing the causis of the publik fast to be indicted, quhilk was publiklie red in audience of his majestie and estaittis of parliament, who appointis the same to be gevin to the ministers that they may caus intimate the to all the kingdome, and appoint the fast to be upon Soneday come eight dayes for this shirrefdome and all places adjacent that may be advertished in dew tyme, and for the rest of Scotland upon the last Soneday of this moneth. For quhilk end the paper was gevin to Maistir James Boner to be delyvered to the ministers.

The kingis majestie and estaittis of parliament appointis the committe formerlie nominate for preparatione of the accommodatione of bussines, to whome also they give power to take the laite 'Incident' to thair consideratione and to doe thairin as they shall expedient for removing all impedimentis of accommodatione and happie conclusione of bussines, to meitt efternoone.

Appointis the severall bodies to take to thair consideratione the commissiones for finishing the rest of the treattie and als the report maid be the committe for the Irish bussines.

Appointis the committe for the billis to meitt efternoone.

Appointis the committe for the copper coyne to meitt efternoone.

[Supplication read and access to prisoners granted; supplication read and payment of arrears granted]

Supplicatione be the Erle of Montrose, Lord Naper, Lairdis of Keir and Blakhall, being moved to the kingis majestie and estaittis of parliament, they permitt thair friends and advocatis to haif acces to thame and allowis the constable and keipere of the castle of Edinburgh to give thair saidis friendis acces to thame with one servant at such tyme as the constable shall think expedient.

Supplicatione be the Lady Aiket, desyring payment of hir bygane modificatione and ane constant allowance for tyme coming for her aliment from her husband, red in audience of his majestie and estaittis of parliament, who decernes two hundreth merkis to the supplicant for pairt of payment of byganes conforme to the act of the committee, quhilk ordanes to be presentlie payed to her and declairs shoe shall haif no farder modificatione till the end of the caus. And ordanes her to half letters to warne her husband at the croce of Paisla and kirk of Dunlop to compeer befoir the parliament to answer to the desyre of the supplicatione and to summond witnesis.

[Advocates appointed for the burgh of Wigtown in their process against the Earl of Galloway; supplication approved; continuation]

Supplicatione be the towne of Wigtone, desyring ane command to advocattis to compeer for thame against the Erle of Galloway, being moved to his majestie and estaittis, they appoint Maisters Roger Mowat, James Baird and Jhone Gilmor to compeir for the supplicantis and doe the dewtie of procurators for thame in the actiones and supplicationes thairinmentioned.

Supplicatione be Jhone Hendersone, desyring libertie to goe out of the towne and repair home, being moved to his majestie and parliament, they graunt libertie to the supplicant to goe whair he pleasis, he acting himselfe to compeer agane upon the first day of Januar next or sooner when he shall be requyred.

Appointis the parliament to meitt the morne at ten hours and the severall bodies and committees in the mein tyme.

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