[Committee appointed to take trial of 'The Incident'; continuation]

Rege presente.

The kingis majestie, with advyse of the estaittis of parliament, condiscendit that the tryell of the laite 'Incident' should be by way of committe and thairfoir his majestie and estaittis of parliament grauntis power and commissioune to the persones underwritten to examine upon oath or without oath or ather or both wayes all persones necessar for tryall and discoverie of the veritie of the said 'Incident', and to report the same in plaine parliament, viz: the lord chancellar, lord president, Duke of Lennox and Lauderdaill for the nobilitie; the Lairdis Dundas, Cambo, Athernie and Kinhilt for the gentrie; the commissioners of Perth, Aberdein, Glasgow and Dumbartane for the borrowis, or any sevin of thame, thair being two at leist of everie estaite. And straitlie commandis all the saidis persones preceislie to attend the said committe and not to be absent without escuse upon knowin seiknes under the paine to be censured at the sight of his majestie and parliament. And appointis the said committe to caus subscryve depositiones and clois the same, and commandis ane oath of secrecie to be takin be these of the committe among thameselfis for keiping secreit unreveilled to any the depositiounes of all witnesis or pairties examined befoir thame ay whill the same be reported and published in parliament, except what shall be thought fitting and allowed be the committe or quorum thairof, to meitt at thrie efternoone and the morne at eight hours.

Appointis the parliament to meitt the morne at ten hours, and the severall bodies this efternoone at thrie hours and the morne at eight hours in the morning.

[Committee ordered to meet; supplication read and granted]

Appointis the committe for examinatioune of the witnesis produced be Williame Cunynghame against the Erle of Galloway to meitt this efternoone at four hours for that end.

Anent the supplicatione presented be the spous of Colonell Cochrane, desyring to haif acces to hir husband, the kingis majestie and estaits of parliament grauntis permissione to the supplicant to speik with hir husband in ane knawin language in presence and audience of Jhone Smyth.

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