[Petition regarding the pay of lieutenant colonels and majors approved; supplication regarding officers' pay to be taken into further consideration]

Rege presente.

Petitione be the lieutenant colonellis and majours for the armie who had companies, desyring the pay of ane captains, red in audience of his majestie and parliament, who finds the desyre thairof reasonable and thairfoir appointis all such lieutenant colonellis and majours to haif captanes pay as shall be testified be the lord generall and thair awin colonell to haif had companies.

Supplicatioune be the officiars who served within the countrie desyring thair pay red and taken to farther consideratioune.

[Commission for hearing the commissary-general's accounts remitted to each estate; letter to the Queen of Sweden approved; continuation]

Commissioune for heiring the generall commissioneris accomptis red in audience of his majestie and estaittis of parliament, who appointis ane copie thairof to be gevin to everie estaite, whairupon the generall commissioneris declaired that he was readie to mak his accomptis and had often urged the same, and that no delay proceidit from him.

Ane letter from his majestie in Latin to the Queene of Sweden and the regentis thairof, desyring that they wald proceid slowlie in ane treatie of peace with the emperor till his majestie send ane ambassadour, red publiklie in parliament and uniformelie approvin be the haill estaittis, and subscryved in face of parliament be his majestie and praeses.

Adjornis and continewis the parliament till Fryday nixt at nyne hours, and in the mein tyme appointis the committe to meitt presentlie, and als the severall estaittis, and appointis both committe and the severall bodies to meitt the morne at eight hours in the morning and two hours efternoone, and appointis thame to meitt upon Fryday at sevin hours in the morning.

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