[Proclamation to be made regarding large gatherings in Edinburgh; committee ordered to meet; committee appointed to consider supplication]

Rege presente.

Proclamatioune appointed to be maid discharging the confluence of people to this towne and commanding all men to reteir of the towne to thair awin dwellingis within twentie four hours.

Appointis the committe for the Erle of Galloway and Erleastoune thair witnesis to meitt efternoone.

Supplicatioune be Maistir Thomas Mitchell, desyring ane committe to be appointed for cognitione of his complaint, red in audience of his majestie and estaittis of parliament, who appointis the committe underwritten for trying of the supplicantis bussines and heiring overtours thairanent, viz: Erles of Seafort, Finlatour and Lord Forbes for the nobilitie; Craigivar, Leslie and Birkinboig for the gentrie; the commissioners of Bamf, Kirkcudbright and Forres for the borrowis, or any fyve of thame, to meitt efternoone.

[Act for division of the kirk of Kilmarnock remitted to each estate; answers to the Laird of Craigmillar's supplication to be shown to the party]

Act for divisioune of the kirk of Kilmarnok and erectioune of ane new paroch kirk thair produced and ane copie thairof appointed to be gevin to everie estaite.

Ansueris be Sir James Hamiltone to the Laird of Craigmiller his supplicatione produced and appointed to be shewin to the pairtie.

[Petitions regarding the pay of the army to be taken into further consideration; continuation]

Petitione be the officiars of fortune within the countrie, craving to be in the lyke conditioune for thair pay as the officiars of the armie, produced and ane copie appointed to be gevin to everie estaite.

Petitione be the lieutenant colonellis and majours, desyring pay as captanes for thair companies, produced and takin to consideratione.

Appointis the parliament to meitt the morne at two hours efternoone, and this foirnoone the committe to meitt and als at two hours efternoone, and appointis everie bodie to meitt a pairt be thameselfis this efternoone at thrie hours and the morne in the foirnoone.

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