[Approbation of Lord Almond's carriage as lieutenant general; committee for drawing up the patent of the office of chancellery appointed]

Rege presente.

Approbatioune of the Lord Amont, his service and cariage in the place of lieutenant generall of the armie, red and most unanimouslie voitted and graunted, with consent of the generall reported in parliament.

Patent of the office of chancellarie to the Lord Lowdoune relative to the kingis nominatione and his electioune, with approbatioune of the parliament, red in audience of his majestie and estaittis of parliament, who appointis ane committe to be maid for drawing up the act of parliament and the said patent for the said electione and nominatione. And for that effect nominattis the Erles of Lauderdaill and Southesk for the nobilitie, the Lairds of Inner and Cars for the barones, the commissioners of Hadingtone and Kinghorne for the borrowis, with power to call Sir Thomas Nicolsone and remanent procurators of estaite, whome appointis to meitt at two efternoone.

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