[Act discharging the exchequer to pass any gift of bishops' lands etc. remitted to the king; overtures from the kirk]

Rege presente.

Act presented be the commissioners from the assemblie for discharging the exchequhair to pass any gift of bishopis landis, rentis etc. being red, the saidis commissioneris wer directed to attend his majestie and exspect his royall answer thairanent.

Overturis from the kirk appointed to be considered be the estaitte whill the morne.

[Report from the committee for the distressed ministers in the north read; addition to membership; committee for the creditors of the Earl of Stirling and Lord Alexander appointed]

The report of the committe for the distrest ministeris of the2 north being red, and especiallie anent Maistir Joseph Brodie, the kingis majestie and estaittis of parliament appointis the committe for the north to meitt and treate upon the most convenient course for securing the ministeris and quieting the countrie, and adjoynis the Erle of Finlatouris, Laird of Innes and commissioner for Tayne to the former committe, to meitt the morne at two houris efternoone.

Anent the remonstrance maid be the creditours of the Erle of Stirling and Lord Alexander, craving that inferior judgis may be dischargit to proceid in any actiounes persewit befoir thame at the instance of any of their creditors against the airis or executoris of the said Erle of Stirling and Lord Alexander, appointis ane committe to meitt and think thairupon; and for that effect nominattis the Erle of Lauderdaill and Southesk for the nobilitie, the Lairdis of Athernie and Cambo for the barones, the commissioneris for Irwing and Dumbartane for the borrowis.

[Exoneration of the carriage of the shire and burgh commissioners in the treaty negotiations granted; continuation]

The report of the committee appointed for examining the baronis and borrowis commissioneris upon their cariage in their commissioune for the treatie being red in audience of his majestie and parliament, they graunted exoneratioune and approbatioune to the Laird of Wauchtoune and Riccartoune for the last yeiris imployment, to Maistir Robert Barclay for the first yeiris imployment and to the shirref of Teviotedaill for both yeiris imployment, and appointis severall actis to be drawin up thairanent. And for the borrowis appointis the commitee to meitt thairupon this night efter the rysing of the parliament.

The parliament to meitt at thrie houris efternoone for billis.

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  2. 'the' repeated.