[Committees ordered to meet; warrant granted to the committee for the bills to examine witnesses summoned at the instance of Mr Donald Blair, minister; continuation]

Rege presente.

Appointis the committe for the ministeris of the north, and siclyke the committe for the armie, to meitt efternoone at thrie houris, and siclyke the committe for the billis. And gevis warrand to the said committe for the billis to examine the witnesis sumoned at the instance of Maistir Donald Blair, minister, against Gray and otheris with this declaratioune: that the same shall not prejudge the partie of his defensis in causa against the summondis, and why witnesis aucht not to be receaved, and als of his objectiones against any witnes in particular, why he could not be receaved. Quhilkis defensiss and objectiones ar reserved, notwithstanding the examinatione of the witnesis.

Thairefter the committees wer discharged, and the severall bodies appointed to meitt this efternoone.

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