[Supplications read and approved; report from the committee regarding the distressed ministers in the north read and commission granted]

Rege presente.

Supplicatione be the Laird of Minto Trumbill, craving that the kingis majestie and parliament wald give warrand to the thesaurer depute and lordis of exchekquhair to pass the gift of his waird and mariage gratis, red and graunted becaus his father dyed in the publik service.

Supplicatioune be Ramsay of Balnabreich, craving the gift of bastardie of James Ramsay, his brother naturall, who was killed at Newburne and that the same may be past gratis, red and graunted.

Anent the report maid be the committe for the ministeris of the north, the kingis majestie, with advyse of the estaittis of parliament, grauntis commissione to the Erles of Mar, Cassillis, Seafort, Lothiane for the nobilitie; Lairdis of Balmaine, Birkinboig, Innes, Athernie for the barones; the commissioneris of Aberdein, Dumbartane, Bamff and Tayne for the borrowis, or any sevin of thame, to call the pairties complaned upon befoir thame, to heir gif thay haif any reassonable caus to alledge why they aught not to find cautioune, to refound the losis contained in the ministeris complaintis and acclamed be thame efter tryall. And in the mein tyme grauntis warrand to ane maissir to wairne the saide pairties to compeir befoir the said committe the morne at sevin houris in the morning in the parliament hous, and ordanes the ministeris to give ane copie of thair clames to the pairties.

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