[Act read and approved; propositions from the general assembly remitted to each estate]

Rege presente.

Act in favouris of Maistir David Diksone and for the foundatione of ane professioune of theologie in the Universitie of Glasgow red, voitted and past in parliament.

Propositiones from the assemblie red and ane dowble appointed to be gevin to everie estaite and the kingis advocat.

[Various business remitted to each estate; act regarding the precedency of commissioners of the shires continued]

Act for easing his majesties vassallis of small portiounes of landis in passing thair infeftmentis red and ane copie thairof, with the copie of some actis thairanent past in the former articles, appointed to be gevin to everie estaite.

Ane paper containing ane clause to be subjoyned unto the ratificatione of the treattie for appending the greate seale, gevin to the barones to be advysit.

Appointis ane dowble of the former commissioune graunted for heiring the accomptis to be gevin to everie estate to be advysed thairwith.

Act that the commissioneris of shyris may draw lottis for place and precedencie at ilk parliament red and continewed till Tuesday nixt.

[Propositions regarding the exemplification of the articles of the treaty of London remitted to certain members]

The director of the chancellarie haifing represented some propositiones anent the formalitie of the exemplificatioune of the articles of the treatie and ratificatione thairof, appointis the Lord Lowdoune, Sir Thomas Hoip and Maistir Robert Barclay to meitt thairanent with the kingis advocat this afternoone in the Lord Lowdones lodging.

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