[Supplication recommended to the king; supplication continued; supplication be taken into further consideration; instruments taken]

Rege presente.

Supplicatioune be the Erle of Rothes and remanent pairttineris of Captane Robertsone his shipp, craving that they may haif letteris of reprysall against the Hamburgeris or that course may be taken for reparatioune of thair losis, appointis ane copie thairof to be gevin to everie estaite and another thairof to his majesties advocat to be docketted and presented to his majestie, to whome in all humilitie the parliament recommendis the consideratione of the said petitione.

Supplicatione be the shirref of Murray continewed, that the Erle of Sutherland and other friendis may labour to settle the bussines amicablie.

Anent the supplicatione presented be the Laird of Langtone concerning his answeris to the petitione exhibited be the Erle of Lanerik in the name of James Maxwell, appointis ane dowble thairof to be gevin to the Erle of Lanerik and another to the Erle of Wigtone that they may be advysit thairwith. And the Laird of Langtone askit instrumentis that he wes debarrit violentlie from possession and protestit that the samyn might not be prejudiciall to his right, conforme to the protestatione gevin be him in writt.

[Supplications read and witnesses cited; supplication read and answer thereto delayed]

Supplicatione and complaint be the toune of Wigtone against the Erle of Galloway anent some wrongis alledged done to thame be the said noble erle red in audience of his majestie and parliament, togidder with his answer maid thairto and replyis maid be the said towne. The parliament appointis lettres to be direct at the instance of ather pairtie to summond witnesis to compeir befoir the parliament to be examined upon what shall be admitted to ather parties probatione, ather of the petitione and reply for the persewer or defensis for the defender, and that upon thair awin perrell without prejudice to both pairties of thair reasones why no witnesis can be examined upon these pointis or why they ar not relevant, and als without prejudice of the objectiones against the witnesis. And assignis the 23 day of this instant hinc inde for that effect.

Supplicatione be McCulloch of Mertone complaining upon wrongis done be the Erle of Galloway, togidder with the answeris producit against the same, being red in audience of his majestie and parliament, they appoint witnesis to be examined hinc inde without prejudice and upon the conditiones ut supra. And assignis the said 23 day of this instant hinc inde for that effect.

Another supplicatione be Mertone complaining upon farther wrongis done be the Erle of Galloway being red, appointis the Erle of Galloway to haif ane dowble thairof, that he may give answer thairto in writt. Quhilk being producit, appointis lettrez to be direct for summonding witnesis hinc inde as upon the other supplicationes, and to the same day.

Supplicatioune be the Laird of Alter, desyring some course to be takin for releife of his ingadgement for Maistir Jhone Maxwell, red in audience of his majestie and parliament, who superseidis to give answer thairto till the conclusioune of Maister Jhone Maxwell his tryell and proces.

[Supplication remitted to the committee for the bills; supplications remitted to certain members; protection granted]

Supplicatione be the Laird of Harthill against Adame Abercrombie red and the committe of the billis ar appointed to examine the ressones of the suspensione raisit for the sowmes arreistit and to heir the pairties thairupon and to report.

Supplicatione be Edward Peirsone, Inglishman, craving recompense for his favour to the armie, remitted to be considered be the Erle of Lothiane, Humbie, James Sword, generall commissar, or any thrie of thame, and to report to the parliament.

Anent the supplicatione presented be Paull Dog, complaining upon David Dog for cutting of ane mylne dame, the Erle of Mar and Lord Elphingstoune promeist to settle the same.

Supplicatioune be Dumbar of Westfield against Dunbar of Burgie committed to the Erles of Sutherland and Argyle to travaile for setling thairof.

Supplicatione be Maistir Roderick McClaude against the Marquis of Huntlie for detentioune of some pairt of his stipend red. The Erle of Argyle promeist to speike to the Marquis of Huntlie to take ordour thairanent.

Supplicatioune be the Laird of Haddo craving ane protectione, with another from the Lord Fraser in the contraire, red. It was offered be the Lord Fraser that he wald consent to the protectioune incaice Haddo will find cautioune not to goe out of this towne till he answered the summondis raisit against him be the estaittis and maid payment to the said Lord Fraser of what shall be found dew to him. Memorandum: the Lord Fraser his supplicatione, with the testament of Maistir James Stalker produced thairwith, redelyvered to the said Lord Fraser. The Erle of Mershell to acquaint Haddo heirwith that he may advyse thairupon.

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