[Ratification read and continued; membership of committee for the distressed ministers in the north; acts read and approved]

Rege presente.

Ratificatione of Maistir David Diksone his transportatione to Glasgow, and of ane professione of divinitie in that colledge, red and continewed till the burrowis be satisfied with some clausis thairof.

Supplicatione be some distrest ministeris in the north, creaving that ordour may be gevin for reparatione of thair losis and saif returne to thair countries for discharge of thair calling, red and the ministers appointed to condiscend upon some fitting persones to whome ane commissione may be graunted for the effect above written.

Act against monumentis of idolatrie red, voitted and past in parliament.

Act against non communicantis and excommunicate persones red, voitted and past in parliament as it standis.

The ministeris of the north within mentionate nominate the Erle of Findlatour, Lordis Forbes and Fraser, the Lairdis of Craigievar, Leslie and Birkinboig, the commissioneris of Aberdein, Bamf and Invernes, whome his majestie, with advyse of the estaittis, nominattis as ane committe; with power to thame, or any fyve of thame, to heir and trye the loss sustained be the supplicantis and such overturis as can be thought upon for reparatione thairof and for thair saif dwelling and returning home, which they shall heir and report to the parliament bot not to conclude.

[Memorandum for the election of a committee to hear the accounts of commissaries remitted to each estate; commission for manufactories appointed]

Anent the propositione maid be the lord president that ane cours may be tane for ane committe to heir the accomptis of commissaries, appointis ane memorandum to be gevin to everie estaite.

Anent the commissioune for manufactories the estaittis nominate as followis, vis., for the noblemen the Erles of Roxburgh, Lauderdaill, Southesk, Lordis Yester, Burghlie, Cranstone; for the barones Athernie, Stitchill, Kinhilt, Cragievar, Auchinbrek, Murthill; for the borrowes the commissioneris of Edinburgh, Dundie, Abirdein, Glasgow, Sanct Andrewis, Air, or any thrie of everie estaite, with the kingis advocat for his majesties interest.

[Act regarding the separation of the baronies of Nether Ancrum etc. from the regality of Glasgow withdrawn; overtures for suppressing broken men remitted to each estate]

The Erle of Roxburgh declaired that he had cawsed present ane act for dismembring the baronies of Nather Ancrum, Lilislie and [...] from the regalitie of Glasgow, to the effect that citationes or horningis might be execute against the inhabitantis of the saidis baronies at the croce of Ancrum, quhilk he had done only for the ease of the saidis inhabitantis and for their speciall benefite inrespect of the distance of thair dwelling from Glasgow. And now, seing some of thame did not so weill conceave the same and did not acquiesce to that act, he past from the said act and wald not further urge the same.

Overturis for suppressing of broken men red in audience of his majestie and estaittis, who appointis ane dowble thairof to be gevin to everie estate and als to the kingis advocat that they may be advysed thairanent.

[Earl of Galloway's request for advocates to plead for him against the burgh of Wigtown continued; act read and approved; continuation]

The Erle of Galloway desyred the king and estaittis to command advocatis to plead for him against the burgh of Wigton inrespect of his weakenes, quhilk impedis him to speik for himselfe. The parliament continewis to give answer to that desyre till they heir the bussines and complaintis.

Act anent the bulyeon red, voitted and past in parliament.

Appointis the parliament to meitt efternoone upon the billis.

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