[Acts approved and ordered to be published; parties cited before parliament; summons continued and instruments taken]

Rege presente.

The kingis majestie, in face of parliament, declaired that his majestie was ever willing and still is willing that the former actes of this parliament conteinit in the treattie sould be publisched in his hienes name, and for that effect commandis that on Mooneday nixt the samen sould be publischit in his majesties name.

The act anent his majesties manifest tuitching the Palatine red, voited and unanimouslie assentit to be the haill parliament, quha ordanes the samene manifest to be printed and the act foirsaid to be subjoyned thairto.

The lord praeses declaired that the procurators of esteat schew that this was the day of compeirance of the Lord Naper, Lairds of Keir and Blakhall quha behoved to compeir this day personalie. Inrespect quhairof, the esteats ordained thame to be sent for, conforme quhairunto warrand was subscryvit for bringing thame fra the castell. Thairefter the esteats ordanit the same ordour and place to be keipit in thair appeirance as was quhen Montrois did compeir and als ordained thair summonds to be continewit unto the aucht of September nixt to come, with continewatione of dayis. And the kingis advocatt, Sir Thomas Nicolsoune and procurators for the esteat askit instrumentis upone the productioune of the thrie severall summonds, preceptis and warrandis grantit be the esteates of parliament to thame for raising of the saidis summondis, preceptis and executione of the samen.

Sir Thomas Nicolsone creaved his name sould be deleit out of the warrand in respect he was ane of the committe quha war judges and sua can not now be advocatt. Quhairunto it was answerit be the procuratoris of the esteat that they oppone the act of parliament standing, quhairunto the parliament adherit.

Thairefter compeirit the Lord Naper, Lairdis of Keir and Blakhall personalie in the place appoyntit quha, efter calling of thame, publictlie acknawledgit that this was thair day of compeirance. And presentlie the continewatione of thair summondis to the aucht of September nixtocome, with continewatione of dayis, was intimat to thame, being personalie present as said is, quhairupone the procuratoris for the esteat askit instrumentis.

[Instructions for the disbanding of the English army approved; committee appointed for drawing up an accompanying letter]

Instructionis for the Lord Maitland from the parliament of Scotland for seing the Inglische armie disbandoned red and agreed to, quhilk is ordained to be taikin doune in the efternone to the abbay, thair to be subscryved. And the Erle of Lowthiane with the Lord Lowdoun for the noblemen, Wauchtone and Fintrae for the barrounes, commissioneris of Aberdeen and Irving for the borrowes appoyntit to meitt in the efternone for drawing up ane lettre to be sent with the said Lord Maitland.

[Supplication read and parties ordered to find caution to remain within Edinburgh; bills concerning inferior judicatories continued; Laird of Morphie excused]

Supp[licatione] young Glengarie contra McIntosche, with the former supplicatione be McIntosche contra Glengarie and his friendis, quhilk the day of befor was geivin to the said Laird of Glengarie to advyse with, produced. The kingis majestie and esteatis ordaines Glengarie, youngar, to find cautione not to remove outwith ane myle about the toune quhill decyding of the bill and for keiping the kingis peace under the pane of tenM merkis. As als [...] McIntosche to doe the lyk. And geives warrand to the president of the parliament to subscryve ane bill for charging of Glengarie and his freindis at the mercat croce of Inverness upone ane mercat day in tyme of mercatt, conforme to the 65 act of the xi parliament 1587. In respect quhairof, the Laird of Donyvagane creavit to be frie of his cautionarie quhairfoir he was inactit for the said Laird of Glengarie the day of befoir in respect of his compeirance, quhilk the esteatis declaired him to be frie of. Thairefter compeirit Glengarie, youngar, and Sir Johne McKenzie of Tarbett, as cautioners for him, quha become actit for Glengarie, youngar, to the effect foirsaid quhill Tuesday nixt and to exhibeit him befoir the sessione of parliament thairof, lyk as Glengarie become actit for his releiff.

The Lord Elphingstone creavit that bills quhairupoun witnesis ar to be deduced and the witnesis present and these other billis quhilkis will belong to inferior judicatories sould be taikin be his majestie and the esteatis of parliament to thair consideratioune. The kingis majestie and esteatis declaire they will tak the samen to thair consideratione quhill the nixt sessione of parliament.

Excuisis the Laird of Morphie quhill [...].

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