[Commissioner for Haddingtonshire ordered to resume his place; treaty of London ratified; paper to be prefixed to the treaty remitted to each estate]

Rege presente.

The commissione grauntit to the Laird of Wauchtone, Laird of Prestone and Sir Patrik Murray being red, thairfor now efter Wauchtones returne, continewis him commissioner with Prestoune in respect of the tennour of the commissiones producit, beiring that Sir Patrik is only appointed in absence of the other.

The kingis majestie and estaittis of parliament ratifies the treattie and approvis the act of ratificatioune red in thair haill presence, quhilk was superscryved with his majesties hand and subscryved be the president, and both the treattie and act of ratificatione forsaid touched with the scepter.

The kingis advocat producit ane paper, quhilk he desyred to be prefixed to the said treattie when it shall pass the great seall, quhairof appointis ane copie to be gevin to everie estate that they may be advysit thairupon.

[Decision regarding preferred commission for Roxburgh continued; penalties for absence at committees]

The commissiones for the commissioners of Roxburgh being red, continewis to give answer thairto or determine quhilk of the twa should haif place till all publik bussines and process be endit, conforme to the act for ordouring the hous.

The estaittis appointis the committees to keip thair meittingis preciselie at thrie hours in the efternoone in the parliament hous under the same paines for absence and late coming as is contained in the act for absentis from the parliament or late coming, and ordaines the ordinar maissirs to attend thairupon.

[Committee appointed to consult with the king regarding those issues not resolved in the treaty of London]

The estaittis nominate the Erles of Argyle, Cassillis and Lothiane for the nobilitie, Lairdis of Dundas, Innes and Cars for the baronis, the commissioners of Aberdein, Glasgow and Irwing for the borrowis with thair commissioners as they ar callit, and Maistir Archibald Johnestone to speik with his majestie anent these thingis quhilks ar not fullie determined in the treattie, bot remitted to be concludit be the king and parliament. And als to desyre his majestie that he wald consent that these actis formerlie proposed and prepaired in this sessione of parliament (whairof his majestie hath ane index) may be now enacted. And to speik to the king anent the disbanding of the Inglish armie and garrisonis of Bervick and Carleill, conforme to the treattie.

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