Act salvo jure cujuslibet

Our soverane lord and estates of parliament, considdering that in the present parliament ther are many particular actes and actes of ratification mad in favoures of particular persones which may be prejudiciall to parties haveand entres and not hard, albeit the meaneing of the estates be at this time, as it wes evir in all preceeding parliamentes, that by no particular act or act of ratificatione granted to any particular persone any other pairties should be hurt or prejudged of ther laufull rightes and defenses competent to them of the law; for remeed wherof, it is statute and ordeaned that no ratificatioune nor other particular act whatsoevir made in favoures of any particular persone in this present parliament be prejudiciall to any other pairties rightes or defenses competent to them of the law, bot that the saidis particulare actes and actes of ratificatione made in favore of particular persones be allwayes wnderstood salvo jure cuiuslibet.

  1. NAS, PA2/22, f.367v-368r.