Protestatione and declaratione in favors of the procurator and agent for the kirk anent ther fies

In the parliament haldine at Edinburghe, the sevinteene day of November, the yeer of God jM vjC fourtie ane yeeres, the quhilke day Sir Archbald Johnestoune of Waristoune, knycht, ane of the ordinarie lordis of sessione, nominat and chosine be the king and parliament to that place, protestit for himselfe as clerke and procurator for the kirke and generall assemblie and for his successoures in these offices that the ratificatione granted be the kingis majestie and estates of parliament of this dait in favoures of the Duke of Lennox of the gifte and donatione granted to him be the kingis majestie of the temporalitie of the beshoprike of Glasgow, the landis, barrony and regalitie of the said beshoprik and otheres perteaneing therto contenit in the said gifte, as the foirsaid ratificatione more fullie proportes; and als that the ratificatione granted be the king and parliament in favoures of the burghe of Edinburghe of this dait, or in favoures of ony other persone or persones off the giftes, mortificationes and dispositiones givine be the king to them off the rentes of the beshoprike of Edinburghe or abbacie of Halyrudhous, perteyneing to the said beshoprike, should be allwayes without prejudice of the provisione and recourse for securitie of the fie and pensione modified and appoynted be the lait act of parliament mad the ellevint of Junii, jM vjC fourtie yeeres, and mentionat in the act of committie of estates daited the eighteene day of December, the samene yeer jM vjC fourtie, to the said Sir Archbald Johnestoun2 as clerke and procurator to the kirke and generall assemblies, and to his successour in these offices, and that it may be declaired be the king and parliament that the foirsaid provisioune and recourse for payment and securitie of the saidis fies and pensiones shall be reserved and excepted fra the foirsaidis ratificationes abovenamed; the quhilk protestatione the kingis majestie and estates of parliament fand reassoneable and hes admittit and admittes the samene, and declaires that the foirsaid provisione and recourse for securitie and payment of the fie and pensioune of the clerke and procurator for the kirke, with the actes and rightes granted to them therwpoun, is heerby reserved and excepted from the foirsaidis actes of ratificatione abovementionat and wnprejudged therby in ony maner of way; quhairupoun the said Sir Archbald Johnestoun askit act and instrumentes.

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  2. APS interpolation, 'then designed Maister Archebald Johnstoune'. Source unknown.