Ratificatione in favoures of the Erle of Lauderdaill

Our soverane lord and estates of parliament ratifies and approves the signatour of infeftment past and signit be his majestie to and in favoures of his majesties cusigne and counsellour, Johne, erle of Lauderdaill, vicount Maitland, lord Thirlstoune and Bostone2, ratifieand and approveand the rightes and infeftmentes granted be his majesties umquhile darrest father to umquhile Johne, lord Thirlstone, chancellour for the tyme, and to the said Johne, erle of Lauderdeaill, styllit therin Johne, maister of Thirlestone, his aires maill and assigneyes, off all and haill the lordshipe of Mussilburgh and right of regalitie therof, togidder with the kirkes and teyndis lyand within the said lordshipe and patronage of the kirkes of the samene, togidder with the office of heritable bailliarie and regalitie of the samene and haill benefit therof, in the haill heedis and clauss therof; and alse giveand and disponeand the samene of new againe to the said erle and his foirsaidis, togidder with the superioritie of the vasselles of the said lordshipe, exceptand of the Erle of Mortoune for Shereffhall, with the maner place and pertinentes therof, the Erle of Dumfermeling for Pinkie, and maner place and pertinents therof, quhairof ther aires shall remaine vasselles to his majestie in all tymecomeing, provyding allwayes that the said right of superiority of the saidis vasselles and right of regalitie foirsaid with the few mailles and fewferme shall be redeemable be his majestie and his succesoures fra the said erle and his foirsaidis be payment to him of the soume of tuo thousand pund sterling, and that in satisfactione to him of the byrune annuellrentes and dewties of the said lordshipe of Mussilburgh, kirkes and teyndes therof, whilke the said erle hes wanted continowallie since the deceise of his majesties umquhile darrest mother of happie memorie, and in satifactione of the pryce of the few mailles of the said lordshipe dew to him be the decreet arbitrall to be holdine of his majestie in free blensche, as in the said signatour of the dait the tuelf day of November, jM vjC fourtie ane yeeres instant at mair lenth is conteyned. And his majestie and his estates willes and grantes and, be thir presentes, decernes and ordeanes that this present ratificatione shall be alse valied and sufficient to the said Erle of Lauderdaill, his aires maill and assigneyes for brooking of the lordshipe, right of regalitie, landis, kirks, teyndis, haill bailliarie and superioritie, as if the said signatour of infeftment wer at lenth exprest and sett doune heerintill, notwithstanding that the samene for the prolixitie thairof is not insert heerin, anent the quhilke, and all faultes and imperfectiones that may fallow therupon, his majestie and his three estates of parliament, be thir presentes, dispenses with the said erle and his foirsaidis for evir. And for the said Johne, erle of Lauderdaill, his farder securitie, his majestie, with advyse and consent of his saidis three estates of parliament, hes dissolved and be the tennour heerof dissolves the said lordshipe, barrony and regalitie of Mussilburghe, landis, kirkes, teyndes and otheres abovewrittin, superioritie of the vasselles therof and office of heritable bailliarie of the said lordshipe from all annexationes of the said lordshipe to the croune, quhairthrow the samene hes beene at any tyme hitherto annexit, ather generallie or speciallie, and alse from all and sindrie annexationes generall and speciall of the superioritie of kirke landis and rentes to the croune, and fra all annexatione of the regalitie of the said lordshipe of Mussilburgh to the stewartrie of Dalkeeth, to the effect the samen may be disponed be his majestie in blensche ferme to the said erle and his foirsaides for payment of the said blensche dewtie of fourtie pundis, with ane knychtes service and payment of the ministeres stipend, and that wnder and with the same provisione of reversione in favoures of his majestie and his foirsaids in sua farr as consernes the said right of superioritie of vasselles, fewfermes and dewties of the samene, nowayes including the said office of heritabll bailliarie of the said regalitie, quhilke with the haill liberties, priviledges, fies, escheetes and otheres whatsomevir perteaneing to the said heritable bailliarie and contenit in the heritable infeftmentes therof granted to the said erle and his predicessoures are nowayes comprehendit within the said reversioun. And his majestie, with consent foirsaid, willis and ordeanes that upoun this present dissolutione, new infeftment shall pas and be exped wnder his majesties great seale in dew forme to and in favoures of the said erle and his foirsaidis off the said lordshipe of Mussillburghe and right of regalitie of the samene, with the kirkes and teyndes lyand within the said lordshipe and of the right of patronage of the samene kirks, and alse of the said office of heritable bailliarie of regalitie of the said lordshipe and haill liberties and priviledges thairof abovespecified.

  1. NAS, PA2/22, f.349v-350r.
  2. APS suggests 'Boltoun' in square brackets.