Ratificatione in favoures of James Dumbar

Our soverane lord and estates of parliament ratifies and approves the act of adjornell givine and pronunced befor the justice, of the dait the tuentie nynt of Julii, jM vjC thertie sex yeeres, be the quhilke Patrike Dumbar of Killboyuke and Alexander Dumbarr, appeirand of Bracco, with certane otheres, ther servantes and complices, are declaired and adjudged fugitives fra his majesties lawes at the instance of the relictes and bairnes, kin and freendis of umquhile Niniane Dumbare and of umquhile Robert Dumbar, and at the instance of his majesties advocate, for the cruel murther and slaughter of the said umquhile Niniane and Robert Dumbares be the said Patrike and Alexander Dumbares, ther serveantes and complices, wnder trust and assurance in maner mentionat in the criminall letters raisit therwpoun and act and doome foirsaid; togidder with the signatoures of escheates and infeftmentes granted to James Dumbarr, sone to Williame Dumbare of Hemperigs, of the escheat and landis perteaneing to the saidis persones denunced as said is, vacand in his majesties handis throw the said doome givine upoun the cryme foirsaid, being murthure wnder trust, quhilke is declaired to be treasounable be the act of parliament mad in the yeere of God 1587, cap. 51, intitulat, 'Murther or slaughter wnder credit is treasoun', in the haill heedis, poyntes and articles therof. And his majestie and estates declaires thir presentes to be alse sufficient as if the said act of adjornall, giftes and infeftmentes wer insert de verbo ad verbum, quhairanent, his majestie and estates dispens and that the samene shall be good and valied rightes, sicklyke as if the saidis pairties had bene doomed in parliament.

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