Ratificatione in favoures of the Laird of Pluscardene of his infeftment of Pluscardene

Our soverane lord, with advyse and consent of the estates of this present parliament, ratifies and approves the chartours mad and granted be his majestie wnder his hienes great seale to and in favours of Thomas MacKeinzie of Pluscardine, therin designit brother germane to George, erle of Seaforth, lord MacKeinzie of Kintaill, and Jeane Grant, his spous, the longest liver of them tua, in conjunctfie, and to ther aires maill and of tailyie therinspecifiit, off all and haill the mylnes of Elgine, callit the mylnes of Mostowie and Kingis Mylne, with the mylnelandis, astricted multores and otheres dewties and priviledges therof usit and wont, and to the said Thomas McKenzie and to his aires maill and of tailyie therinmentionat off all and sindrie the landis, teyndis and otheres eftirspecifeit, viz: the maynes of Pluscardeine, the landis of Quhytruise, Barnehill, Overtoun, Drinkinghill, Corsleyes, Auchtertyre, Forresterseat, Netherbyre and Eisterhill, with all and sindrie the teyndshaves of the landis particularlie abovewrittin includit, whilkes wer never wont to be separat from the stoke, with castelles, toures, fortalices, maner places, pairtes, pendicles, annexis, connexis, orchyairdis, parkes, midowes, wairdis, wodis, mylnes, fishingis, tennentes, tennendries and service of free tennentes of the landis and others abovewrittin; and alse of all and sindrie the teyndshaves of the landis eftirmentionat, viz: of the landis of Westertoune, Inchellane, Incharnoch, Croy, Westerhillis, Reiddavie, Balleloun, Aplewaird and of the mylnelandis of the mylne of Pluscardine, with all thair annexis, connexis, pairtes, pendicles and pertinentes whatsomevir, lyand in the Glene of Pluscardine and within the shereffdome of Elgine and Forres, conteaneing ane new gifte, made and granted be his majestie eftir his hienes laufall aige of tuentie fyve yeeres compleet, and eftir all his majesties revocationes generall and speciall, and eftir his hienes parliament haldine at Edinburghe upon the tuentie eight day of Junii, the yeere of God jM vjC therttie three yeeres, and eftir dissolutioun thairinconteyned, off all and haill his majesties propertie and proper landis for setting therof in few ferme to and in favoures of the said Thomas McKeinzie and his said spous and ther foirsaidis in maner abovedevydit, off the landis, mylnes, teyndis and otheres abovespecifeid, all therby unit in ane barrony callit the barrony of Pluscardeine, to be haldine of his majestie and his successoures for payment of the few and blenshe dewties therinexprest, off the dait at Edinburghe, the tuentie fyfte day of Julii, the yeir of God jM vjC therttie sex yeeres, with the precept of seasing and instrument of seasing falloweing upoun the said chartour in all poyntes, articles and clauss thairinconteanit eftir the formes and tennoures therof. And declaires this present ratificatione of the saidis chartour, precept and seasing to be alse valied, effectuall and sufficient in all respectes as if the samene wer at lenth and word be word ingrossit and insert, heirintill dispensand with the not inserting therof. Lykeas his majestie, with consent foirsaid, findis, declaires, statutes and ordeanes that the samene chartour, precept and instrument of seasing with the remanent writtis, rightes and securities mad to the said Thomas MacKeinzie and his said spous and ther authoures and predicessoures are, and shall be, sufficient and valied rightes and securities to them and to ther aires of tailyie and assigneyes foirsaidis for bruiking and joysing of the landis, teyndis, mylnes and otheres abovespecifeid perpetuallie in all tymecomeing for payment of the dewties particularlie mentionat in the said chartor.

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