Ratificatione in favoures of the burghe of Saintandrois

Our soverane lord, with advyse and consent of the estates of this present parliament, ratifies and approves the chartour of confirmatioune made and granted be his majesties wmquhile darrest father, King James the Sext of worthie memorie, with consent of umquhile Johne, lait pretendit beshope of Saintandrois, to the proveist, baillies, counsell and commontie of the burghe and citie of Santandrois and ther successoures, off the dait at Whythall, the tuentie eight day of Februarie, the yeere of God jM vjC tuentie yeeres, quhairby his majestie, with consent foirsaid, ratified and approved the chartour made and granted in favoures of the burgess and citizenes of the said citie of Saintandrois be Malcome, callit the Madine King of Scottis, who leived in the yeere of God jM ane hundreth and fyftie and three yeeres; as also the donatione and infeftment givine in favoures of the said citie Saint Androis and inhabitantes thairof be umquhile Robert, beshope of Saint Androis for the tyme, with consent of David, king of Scottis, callit Sant David, erecting the said citie in ane burghe with diverse priviledges therinconteaned. Item, the tua distinct chartoures givine and granted in favoures of the said citie and inhabitantes thairof be David the Second, surnamed the Bruce, conserneing the priviledges thairin exprest givine be him to them, quhilke David lived in the yeer of God jM iijC and thertie yeeres. Item, the chartour givine in favoures of the said citie, magistrates, citizenes, commontie and inhabitantes therof be umquhile Marie, quene of Scottes, off all landis, tenementes, mansiones, yairdis, annuellrentes and other dewties whatsomevir perteaneing of old to the said citie. Item, these chartoures and infeftmentes granted in favors of the said citie be the umquhile tua Rodgeres, beshopes of Saint Androis, and umquhile David [...] conserneing the said toune and citie of Santandrois and erectione thairof in ane free burghe with free port, heavine and herberie, with all priviledges, liberties and immunities therinconteaned; and als wherby his majesties said umquhile darrest father ratified and approved all other infeftmentes, donationes, ratificatiounes, actes and decreetes of parliament, secreet counsell, sessione, conventione of burrowes and all other actes and statutes quhatsomevir mad be him and his predicessoures, kingis and queenes of Scotland, or be whatsomevir beshopis or archbeshopis in favoures of the proveist, baillies, counsell and commontie, deane of gild, thesaurer, citizenes, burgess and inhabitantes of the said burghe and citie of Saint Androis, with all priviledges and liberties belonging therto, but speciallie the chartour and infeftment granted be umquhile George, archbeshope of Saint Androis in favoures of the saidis proveist, baillies, counsell and commontie of the said burghe or citie and inhabitantes thairof, daited the eighteene day of August, jM vjC and fourtie yeeres2, with the mutuall contract past betuixt the said umquhile archbeshope and the magistrates, counsell and commontie of the said citie for the tyme one the ane and other pairtes, wherto the said chartour is relative, daited the sevinteene day of December jM vjC and ellevine yeeres, ratified and approvine in the parliament haldine at Edinburghe, jM vjC and tuelff yeeres; and in lykemaner wherby his majesties said umquhile darrest father of new made, constitute, erected and incorporat the foirsaid burghe, toune and citie of Saint Androis, port, heavine and herberie thairof, with all landis, tenementes, rudis, yairdis, orchyairdis, mylnes, astricted multores, wtheres multores, commones, pasturages, linkis, fishingis, alsweell in the sea as in fresh wateres adjacent to the said burgh and citie of Saint Androis, and within the libertie, freedome and territorie therof, with all priviledges, liberties, prerogatives and immunities perteaneing thairto, alsweell generallie as speciallie aboverehearsed, conteaned in the old infeftmentes, chartores, rightes and securities, generallie and speciallie foirsaidis, in ane haill and free burghe royall, free port, heavin and herberie in all tymecomeing with all honoures, priviledges and dignities perteaneing to ane free burghe royall, sicklyke and alse freelie in all respectes as any other citie or free burgh royall within this kingdome is erected, ordeaneing ane seasing to be takine be the proveist or ane of the baillies of the said burgh for themselffes and in name and behalfe of the rest of the magistrates, counsell and commontie of the said burghe of the haill premiss besyde or within the tolbooth of the said burghe, to be ane good and valied seasing for them and ther successours in all ages comeing, without any iteratione or renovatione thairof conforme to use and wont of all other burghes royall; togidder with the precept of seasing falloweing wpoun the said chartour, of the dait of the said chartour, with the instrument of seasing givine conforme thairto, off the dait the tuentie fourt day of Maii, the yeer of God jM vjC and tuentie yeeres wnder the signes and subscriptiones of Thomas Blake and David Skinner, notares publict, in the haill heedis, articles, clauss, circumstances and conditiones thairinconteaned, ordeaneing this present generall ratificatione of the foirsaid chartour, precept and seasing fallowing therwpoun to be alse good, valied, effectuall and sufficient to the saidis proveest, baillies, counsell, burgess, citizenes, commontie and inhabitantes within the said burgh present and to come sickelyke as if the samene chartour, precept and seasing wer at lenth word be word ingrost heerintill; quhairanent, and anent all wther defectes and imperfectiones falloweing therwpoun, his majestie hes dispensit and for him and his foirsaidis, with consent foirsaid, be thir presentes, dispenses for evir.

  1. NAS, PA2/22, f.309r-309v.
  2. APS suggests 'jM vjC and fourtine yeiris' in square brackets.