Ratificatione to the beedmen of Magdalene Chappelle

Our soverane lord and estates of this present parliament, haveing respect to the weell of the hospitall foundit and situat within the toune of Edinburghe now and of old callit the Magdalene Chappell, wherof the hammermen of Edinburghe are patrones, and for the good, trew and thankefull service done to his hienes and his majesties predicessoures be the saidis hammermen of Edinburgh, hes ratified and approvine and, be the tennour heerof, ratifies and approves the chartour of mortificatione mad, givine and granted be his majestie wnder the great seale, of the dait at Halyrudhouse, the nynteene day of October lasthypast, off the soume of ane hundreth and nyne pund sterling in favoures of the beedmen of the said chappell, callit Magdalen Chappell, and of the hammermen of the said burghe and ther successoures patrones therof, payable furth of the rentes of the beshoprike of Dunkell, vacand in his majesties handis throw the abolishing and suppressing of beshopes within this realme be the persones particularlie nominat and exprest in the said mortificatione, ther aires and successoures, in all and sindrie poyntes, priviledges, heedis, articles, giftes, donationes, ratificationes, clauss, circumstances and conditiones whatsomevir specified and conteaned thairintill. And his majestie and estates foirsaidis of this present parliament willis, grantes, declaires, statutes and ordeanes that the beedmen and decayed tredsmen of the said hospitall from tyme to tyme shall peaceablie and freelie possess, bruike and enjoy the benefit of the foirsaid mortificatione and soume of mony abovewrittin, therby mortified in all tymecomeing, eftir the forme and tennour of the said chartour of mortificatione in all respectes, but ony hope, trouble or impediment to be made or moved in the contrair, and that this present generall ratificatione and approbatione thairof is and shall be alse sufficient and have alse great force, strenth and effect to the saidis beedmen and to the present deacone and maisteres of the hammermen as representing the whole bodie and ther successoures patrones of the said hospitall in all respectes and conditiones as if the samene wer at lenth word be word insert heerintill.

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