Ratificatione in favoures of the Laird of Kinhilte

Our soverane lord, with advyse and consent of the estates presentlie conveened, ratifies, approves and confirmes to and in favoures of his hienes lovit Robert Adair of Kinhill, his aires and assigneyes, ane chartour granted be his majesties darrest father of eternall memorie, wnder his hienes great seale, in favoures of umquhile Niniane Adaire of Kinhilt off all and haill the fyve merke land of Drumore, with the toure, fortalice, maner place, houss, bigingis, yairdis, orchyairdis, mylne, multores, annexis, connexis, tennentes, tennendries, service of free tennentes and all ther pertinentes, with the advocatione, donatione and right of patronage of the paroche kirke and parochine of Kirkmadine in the Rynes, all lyand within the shereffdome of Wigtoun, togidder with the precept and instrument of seasing falloweing therwpoun; togidder also with the retoures, infeftments and other rightes made and granted in favoures of the said Robert Adair of Kinhilt succeeding as air to the said umquhill Niniane Adair of Kinhilt in quhais favoures the said chartour wes granted, as in the samene, of the dait the tuentie eight day of September jM vjC and tua yeeres, at lenth is conteaned, in the haill heedis, articles, clauss, circumstances and conditiones therof mentionat in the said chartour, infeftment and otheres rightes granted in ther favoures. And our said soverane lord, with advyse and consent of the saidis estates, willis and grantes and, for his hienes and his successoures, decernes and ordeanes that this present confirmatione is and shall be alse valied and sufficient and of alse great availl, force, strenth and effect to the said Robert Adair of Kinhilt for bruiking and possesseing of the landis and otheres foirsaidis sickelyke and in the samene maner as any of his predicessoures or authores bruikit and possest the samene before, or as if the said chartour, preceptes, instrumentes of seasing, retoures, confirmationes and otheres rightes granted to the said Robert and his predicessoures wer at lenth verbatim insert heerintill; quhairanent, and all defectes and objections to be proponitte in the contraire, our said soverane lord, with advyse and consent foirsaid, dispenses for evir.

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