Ratificatione in favoures of the parochineres of Markinche

Our soverane lord and estates of parliament ratifies and approves the decreet of valuatione and localitie therinconteaned of the teyndis of the said parochine of Markinch and ministeres stipend of the said kirke, givine be the comissioners appoynted be his majestie and estates of parliament for the surrenderes and teyndis at the instance of his majesties advocat, for his hienes entres, and of Doctour Androw Lawmont, then minister at the said kirke of Markeinche, againes the heritoures therinconteaned of the said parochine, of the dait the first day of Merch, jM vjC therttie sevine yeeres, be the whilke decreet the saids lordis commisioneres, in recompence to the saidis heritoures of the landis and takismene of the teyndis of the parochine of Markeinche of that eight chalderes victuall yeerlie imposit wpoun them to be payed to the minister of the said kirke of Markeinch and his successoures furth of the teyndis therof more nor they were due to pay furth thairof of befor be ther takes thairof standing in maner mentionat in the said decreet, have addit and eiked to thair former takes of thair teyndis of the said parochine (quhairof ther is yit to rune the lyferent of Williame, erle of Dallhoussie, and nyntene yeeres thereftir) the nomber of ten yeeres mair eftir the ishe and expyreing of the saidis takkis yit to rune, in maner and for the reassones and causes at lenth specifiit in the said decreit, as the samene of the dait foirsaid at mair lenth beeres, in all and sindrie the heedis and poyntes thairof, in so far as the said decreet consernes and may be extendit to the saidis heritours of the landis of the said parochine and takismene of the teyndis thairof, ther right and bruikeing of the saidis teyndis of the said parochin dureing the said space of ten yeeres nixt eftir the said expyreing of the said ten yeeres eftir the said expyreing of ther said present takes therof, standing in maner and conforme to the said decreet. And willis and grantes, decernes and ordeanes that the said decreet is and shall be ane good, valied and sufficient right to the saidis heritouris and takismen of the said parochine of Markeinche and ther successoures for bruiking of ther saidis teyndis of the said parochine dureing the said space of ten yeeres eftir the said expyring of thair said present takes thairof, conforme to the said decreet, additione and act thairinconteanit in all poyntes, but questione, objectione or contradictioune.

  1. NAS, PA2/22, f.302v-303r.