Ratificatione to James Gordoune

Our soverane lord and estates of this present parliament have ratified and approvine and, be thir presents, ratifies and approves the chartour and infeftment of alienatione, venditione and dispositione thairinconteaned, with the precept of seasing insert thairin (and instrument of seasing falloweing thairwpoun) made and granted be Robert Keith of Seatoune to his majesties lovite James Gordoune, sone laufull to Maister James Gordoune, wretter in Edinburgh, procreat betuixt him and umquhill Jonet Kirke, his spous, his aires and assigneyes whatsomevir heritablie and irredeemablie, off all and haill the sonny and shaddow halfe of the toune and landis of Seytoune, with the pertinentes, conteaneing, lyand and boundit in maner specified in the said chartour, with power to brew and sell aill within the saidis lands, and alse to have ane ferrie wpoun the water of Done and ferrie fraught thairof, with ane cunyngar and cunyngar landis of the Seatoune, of that peace or portione of the saidis landis callit Brigfeeldis, conteaneing the boundis and limites mentionat in the said chartour, with the mylne of Brigfeeldis, mylnelandis, multeres and sequelles thairof, and of that ward called the Beshopes Ward, with ane half nettis salmond fishing of the water of Done wnder and above one both syds of the brigge thairof, with all and sindrie ther priviledges, pairtes, pendicles and pertinentes, lyand within the shereffdome of Abirdeene, to be holdine of the said Robert Keeth, his aires or successoures or of his immediat superioures of the samene, in fie and heritadge for evir, quhilke chartour and infeftment is of the dait the tuentie tua day of August lastbypast jM vjC and fourtie ane yeeres instant; togidder with the signatour of confirmatione of the foirsaid chartour, precept and instrument of seasing and otheres thairinmentionat, made and granted be our said soverane lord with consent thairinnoyat to the said James Gordoune, his aires and assigneyes foirsaidis, whilke also conteanes ane gifte de novo damus of the landis, cunyngar, ferriboat, salmond fishing, mylne, mylne landis, multours, warde and otheres abovewrittin and particularlie thairinmentionat, with all ther priviledges, pairtes, pendicles and pertinentes, lyand and boundit in maner thairinconteaned, to be haldine of our said soverane lord and his hienes successors in few ferme and heritadge, whilke signatour and infeftment is of the dait the second day of September lastbypast; and with all and sindrie otheres infeftmentes, charters, seasingis, giftes, presentationes, services, retours and otheres evidents and writtis, rightes, tytles and securities whatsomevir made and granted to the said James Gordoune, or to the said Robert Keith, his authour, or to umquhill Williame Keeth, his father, or ony otheres his predicessoures and authores off or conserneing the landis, mylne, ferrie boate, salmond fishing, mylne, mylnelandis, multours, waird and wtheres abovewrittin off whatsomevir dait or daites, tennour or contentes the samene be of, in all and sindrie the heedis, poyntes, articles, clauss, circumstances and conditiones thairof; and willis, grantes and declaires that this present generall ratificatione and approbatione of the samene is and shall be alse valied, efectuall and sufficient and of alse great availl, force, strenth and effect to the said James Gordoune, his aires and assigneyes foirsaidis, for ther peaceable bruikeing, joysing and posseiding of the saidis landis, ferrie boat, salmond fisheing and otheres abovewrittin with all ther priviledges, pairtes, pendicles and pertinentes, as if the said chartour, precept and instrument of seasing, confirmation, gifte de novodamus and otheres evidentes and writs particularlie and generallie foirsaidis and everie ane of them were at lenth word be word ingrossit and set doune heerintill; quhairanent his majestie and estates foirsaidis have dispensit and be thir presentes dispenses for evir.

  1. NAS, PA2/22, f.302r-302v.