Ratificatione in favoures of the Laird of Ballfoure

Our soverane lord and estates of this present parliament ratifies and approves the few chartour and infeftment made, givine and granted be umquhill Johne Lauder, archdeane of Teuidale and commendatour of the viccarage of the paroche kirke of Killrinnie, within the diocie of Saint Androis, with consent of the commendatour of the convent of the monastrie of Dryburghe, patrone thairof, Archbeshope of Saint Androis and other the convent of the said monastrie, to umquhill Johne Beatoune of Killrinnie and Agnes Anstruther, his spous, and langest liver of them tua, and the aires then lauchfullie gottine or to have beine gottine betuixt them, quhilkis failyieing, the aires maill of the said umquhihll Johne whatsomevir, off all and sindrie the tent or teynde of fishes, and cheeflie of herring and otheres fishes whatsomevir occuring or comeinge to the new port or herberie of Killrinnie, or to have bene bigged therto, and perteaneing and belonging to the said viccar or his successoures for evir, with all liberties, commodities, easmentes and righteous pertinentes2 whatsomevir, excepting allenerlie these whilkes wer incumbent to the citizenes of the eist pairt of the burne of the toune of Anstruther to the viccare of Killrynnie, to have beene bigged in the said new port, for the tyme to be tane that thereftir should happine, quhilkis teyndis wer reserved to the viccares or commendateres of Killrynnie for the tyme, whilke wer reserved forevir wpoun the conditione newertheles that tyme about the teyndis of the boates of the said new port of Killrynnie in the portes of Anstruther within the parochine of Killrynnie for the tyme to be applyed shold perteane and belong to the saidis umquhill Johne and Agnes3, off the dait the nynteene and tuentie third dayes of Februarie, jM vC fourtie three yeeres, with the instrument of seasing fallowing thairupoun, and with all wther and subsequent rightes, tytles and securities made, granted, conceavit or that onywayes may be extendit or interpret in favoures of David Beatoune of Ballfour and Johne Beatoune, his eldest laufull sone, feare thairof, now wndoubted heritoure of the saidis teyndis, in all and sindrie the heedis, poyntes, clauss, articles, provisiones, conditiones and circumstances therof, and eftir the formes and tennoures of the samene in all poyntes. And willis and grantes that this present generall ratificatione of the saidis writtis, rightes and securities speciallie and generallie abovewrittin shall be alse valied, effectuall and sufficient to the saidis David and Johne Beatounes, ther aires and successours, for bruiking of the saidis teyndis in all tymecomeing, as if the samene wer heerin speciallie and particularlie de verbo in verbum exprest, insert and conteaned; quhairanent our soverane lord and estates of parliament hes dispensit and heerby dispenses for evir.

  1. NAS, PA2/22, f.300v-301r.
  2. The word 'pertinentes' is repeated in the manuscript.
  3. Followed by 'thair aires' in square brackets in APS.