Ratificatione in favours of the minister of Dornoche

Our soverane lord and estates of parliament, considdering that forsamekle as it hes pleased his sacred majestie out of his royall zeale and fatherlie affectione to the grouthe and increase of religione within this his majesties ancient and native kingdome, to give, mortifie and dispone to Maister Alexander Monro, present minister at Dornoche, and his successoures ministeres serveing the cuire at the said kirke, being the cathedrall kirke of the diocie of Caithnes, all and haill the soume of eight hundreth merkis Scotes money or eight chalder of victuall in the optione of the said minister and his successoures foirsaidis in augmentatione, to be wplifted out of the first and reddiest of the rentes of the said beshoprike of Caithnes and few dewties that perteaned to the beshope in Sutherland and his rentes and few dueties in the parochine of Thurso and elsquair in Caithnes, at the optione and electione of the said Maister Alexander and his successoures serveing the cuire at the said kirke of Dornoche, with this declaratione: that the said minister and his successours foirsaidis pay yeerlie three hundreth merkes of the foirsaid soume for repairing and wpholding the fabrike of the said kirke, and tua hundreth merkis yeerlie for helping to provyde a schoolmaster for the grammer schoole therat, in maner at lenth specified in the said signatour; therfore, his majestie and estates of parliament ratifies, approves and confirmes the foirsaid signatour and gifte in the haill heedis, articles, clauss and circumstances therof, and willis and grantes that this present confirmatione shall be of alse great availl, force, strenth and effect to the said Maister Alexander Monro and his successoures ministeres serveing the cuire at the said kirke in all tymecomeing for payment of the augmentatione abovespecifeid in maner and for the wses mentionat in the said gifte, as if the said gifte wer word be word exprest heerin. And farder, his majestie and estates of parliament dissolves the foirsaidis augmentationes of eighte hundreth merkis or eight chalderes victuall apoynted to be wplifted and payed as said is from his majesties croun and patrimony therof, and fra the lait beshoprike of Caithnes and all other benefices wherwnto the samene perteaned or wes annexed to of before, to the effect the samene may remaine with the ministeres serveing the cuire at the said kirke of Dornoch for the wses respective foirsaid as ane testimony of his majesties favor perpetually in all tymecomeinge.

  1. NAS, PA2/22, f.294r.