Ratificatione to Williame Gordoune of Kirkconnell

Our soverane lord and estates of this present parliament have ratified and approvine, and be thir presents ratifies and approves the chartour and infeftment mad, givine and granted be his majesties umquhill darrest father, of happie and blissed memorie, wnder the great seale of this kingdome to his majesties lovitt Williame Gordoun, now of Kirkconnell, his aires maill and assigneyes whatsomevir designed for the tyme, sone laufull to Alexander Gordoune of Kirkeconnell, off all and haill the fourtie shilling land of Drumconkraa with houss, biggingis, yairdis, wodis, fishingis, annexis, connexis, pairtes, pendicles and pertinentes therof whatsomevir, lyand in the stewartrie of Kirkecudbrighe and shereffdome of Dumfrees, to be holdine of our soverane lord and his hienes successours in few ferme and heritadge, quhilke chartour and infeftment is of the dait the last day of December, the yeere of God jM vjC and therteene yeeres, togidder with the precept and instrument of seasing falloweing therwpoun and all otheres infeftmentes, rightes and securities made and granted to the said Williame Gordoun or any of his predicessoures or authors of or conserneing the saidis landis, with the pertinentes, in the haill heedis, articles, clauss, circumstances and conditiones therof. And willis, grantes and declaires that this present generall ratificatione and appropbatione of the samene is and shall be alse valied, effectuall and sufficient to the said Williame Gordoune and his foirsaidis as if the said chartour and infeftment, precept and instrument of seasing falloweing theron, and otheres writtis, rightes, tytles and securities respective and everie one of them were at lenth word be word ingrossit and set doune heerintill; quhairanent his majestie and estates foirsaidis have dispensit and be thir presentes dispenses for evir.

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