Ratificatione in favoures of the Laird of Keire

Our soverane lord and estates of this present parliament ratifies and approves the take made be way of contract at Hammiltoune, the fyfte day of September, the yeere of God jM vjC therttie sex yeeres, betuixt Maister Walter Quhytfuird, therby designed Walter, beshope of Brechine and subdene of Glasgow, with consent of the deane and chapter therof, one the ane pairt, and Sir George Stirling of Keir, knycht, heritable proprietar of the landis of Hiltoune, Kirketoune, Caldercut, Daster2 Calder, Boogtoune, Boclay and Balumbie, lyand within the parochine of Calder and subdeanerie of Glasgow, quhairby the said Maister Walter Quhytfuird, with consent foirsaid, for the yeerlie duetie therinconteined (and therby haveing power be the parliament haldine at Edinburgh, the tuentie eight day of Junii jM vjC threttie three yeeres to sett takes of the teyndis, fruites and rentes of the subdeanerie of Glasgow to the heritoures thairof), set in take and assidatione to the said Sir George Stirling, his aires and assigneyes all and sindrie the personage teynds and teyndshaves of the landis particularlie wnderwrittin3 and that dureing the haill space and yeeres of three nynteene yeeres, conforme to the tennour of the act made in the said parliament theranent, next eftir the said Sir George his entrie therto, whilke is declaired be the said take to have bene and begune at Lambes in the said yeere of God jM vjC therttie sex yeeres, as the samene subscryved be the said subdeane and be the said deane and chapter of the said subdeanerie at mair lenth beeres, in the haill heedis, articles, clauss and conditiones therof conceaved in favoures of the said Sir George, saiffeand and reserveand to our said soverane and his majesties successoures the dewties, rightes and services due to his majestie for the teyndis foirsaidis of the saidis landis befoir this present ratificatione. Lykeas his majestie and estates of this said present parliament willis, grantes, decernes and ordeanes that this present ratificatione of the foirsaid letter of take is and shall be alse valied and sufficient to the said Sir George Stirling, his aires and assigneyes foirsaidis, as if the samene wer at lenth word be word insert and exprest heerintill; quhairanent, and anent all other defectes and imperfectiones quhilkis anywayes may be proponit or alledged aganes the validitie of the said take, or this present ratificatione thairof, our said soverane lord and estates of parliament hes dispenssit and be thir presentes dispenses for evir.

  1. NAS, PA2/22, f.290v.
  2. APS suggests 'Easter' in square brackets.
  3. APS suggests 'abovewrittin' in square brackets.