Ratificatione to the Erle of Dalhoussie

Our soverane lord and estates of parliament ratifies and approves to and in favoures of Williame, erle of Dallhoussie, lord Ramsay etc., the lettir of take and assidation made, set and granted be our soverane lord, the kingis majestie, with advyse and consent of his hienes thesaureres principall and deputie, comptrolleres and collectoures and remanent lordis of his hienes exchekker of Scotland, to the said Williame, erle of Dalhoussie, his aires maill, assigneyes and subtennentes, ane or ma, off all and haile the teyndshaves of the toune and landis of Abbotshall and Mylnetoune therof, with all and sindrie ther pertinentes, cottages, outsettes and pendicles whatsomevir, lyand within the regalitie of Dumfermeling and shereffdome of Fyffe, for all the dayes, space, yeeres and termes of tuyse nynteene yeeres, conteyneing therttie eight croptes nixt eftir his entrie therto, quhilke was appoynted to be and begine at the feist of Lambmes nixtocome, callit Petri ad vincula, in this present yeere jM vjC fourtie ane yeeres, and fra then furth to be peaceablie bruiked, joysed, teyndit, collected, let, wsit and disponit wpoun be the said Williame, erle of Dallhoussie and his foirsaidis, dureing the haill space, yeeres and croptes abovexpremed and ay and whill the samene be fullie compleet and togidder furthrune, for yeerlie payment to be made be the said Williame, erle of Dallhoussie and his foirsaidis to our said soverane lord and his hienes successours the soume of fourtie pundis usuall money of this realme (whilke wes the silver teynd dewtie conteaned in the former take of the saides teyndshaves) at tua termes in the yeere, Whitsonday and Mertimes in winter, be equall portiones allenerlie, as the saidis letter of take of the dait wnder the privie seale at Whythall, the therteene day of Februarie lastbygone at more lenth beeres, in all and sindrie the heedis, poyntes, clauss, articles, circumstances and conditiones therinconteaned, and efter the formes and tennours therof in all poyntes. And willis, grantes, decernes and ordeanes the said take to be ane sufficient right and securitie to the said Williame, erle of Dallhoussie, his aires maill, assigneyes and subtennentes foirsaids, for bruiking of the saidis teyndshaves of the saidis landis abovewrittine, with the pertinentes, dureing the haill space, yeeres and termes thairinconteaned, for payment of the foirsaid yeerlie dewtie thairinmentionat, conforme thairto in all poyntes, notwithstanding of whatsomeveir objectiones, defectes or imperfectiones that may be proponit or alledged in the contrair; quhairanent our said soverane lord and estates of parliament hes dispenssit for them and ther succesours and, be thir presentes, dispenses for evir.

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