Ratificatione in favoures of the Lord Almonte

Our soverane lord, with advyse and consent of the estates of this present parliament now conveined, by these presentes, ratifies and approves the infeftmentes and other rightes made and granted be his majestie or his hienes predecessours or be any abbotes or beshopes for the tyme or be whatsomevir otheres to and in favoures of his majesties right trust cusigne and counsellour James, lord Livingstoune of Almonte and Callendere, and his predicessoures or authoures off or conserneing the landis and barrony of Falkirke, comprehending the tounes, landis and otheres conteyned in the infeftmentes thairof, lyand within the shereffdome of Stirveling, and of the libertie and priviledges of ane regalitie, free chappell and chancellarie and office of heritable bailliarie and justiciarii of the samene landis and barrony, and within the whole boundis thairof, with all fies, casualities, proffites and deuties perteaneing and belonging thairto, and of the advocatione, donatione and right of patronage of the paroche kirke of Fallkirke and of the kirkes of Morrouinsyde and Dennie, quhilkis are pendicles of the samene kirke of Fallkirke of old annexit thereto, alsweel personage as viccaradge thairof, with all and sindrie teyndshaves and small teyndis of the saids kirkis and pertinentes therof, lyand within the shereffdome foirsaid; and of all and haill the landis and barrony of Ogillface, comprehending the tounes and otheres conteyned in the infeftments thairof, lyand within the shereffdome of Linlithgowe, with the heritable office of bailliare and justiciarii within the haill boundis of the samene landis, and that in the haill heeds, articles, clauss, conditiones and circumstances of the samene rightes and infeftmentes, quhilkis onywayes may be conceived in favoures of the said James, lord Almonte, his aires and successoures, saiffeand and reservand to his majestie and his hienes successoures the dueties, rightes and services used and wont to be payed to his majestie and his hienes predecessoures for the landis and otheres foirsaidis befor this present confirmatione. Attoure, our said soverane lord, with consent of the estates foirsaidis, willis and grantes and, for his majestie and his hienes successours, decernes and ordeanes that this present generall ratificatione of the saidis infeftmentes and rightes off the landis, barronyes, rightes, offices and otheres abovewrittin is and shall be alse valied and sufficient to the said James, lord Allmont, his aires and successoures as if the samene with the haill daites, tennours and contentes thairof wer all word be word and at lenth insert heerintill, quhairanent his majestie, for his hienes and his majesties successoures, hes dispensit and be thir presentes dispenses. And farder, his majestie, with consent foirsaid, decernes and ordeanes the samene infeftmentes and rightes to stand good, valied and effectuall to the said James, lord Allmont and his foirsaidis in all tymecomeing, notwithstanding of any act of parliament in the contraire or quhilke anywayes may be prejudiciall to the validitie of the saidis rightes, and ordeanes ane new right and infeftment of the samene landis, barronyes, right of patronage, offices and priviledges respective abovespecified to be granted, past and exped wnder his majesties great seale to the said James, lord Almont, his aires and successoures whensoever they shall requyre the same, quhilke our said soverane lord, with advyse and consent foirsaid, for his majestie and his hienes successoures, now as then and than as now, be thir presentes ratifies and approves, conforme to the tennour thairof, in all poyntes.

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