Ratificatione to the toune of Glasgoue of there gifte of spiritualitie thereof

Our soverane lord and estates of parliament ordeanes ane confirmatione to be mad to and in favoures of the proveist, baillies, counsell and commontie of the burghe of Glasgowe, ratifieand and approveand ane signatour granted be his majestie to the samene burghe, quhairby his majestie gives, grantes, mortifies and dispones to them and ther successoures for evir for the mentenance of ane minister to serve the cure in place of the archbeshope of Glasgow in the heighe churche therof, and for repaireing and wpholding of the fabrike of the samene, all and haill the teynds, both personage and viccarage, take dueties and teynd dueties quhatsomevir belonging to the spiritualitie of the archbeshoprike of Glasgow, and speciallie the teyndis, great and small, personag and viccarage, of Glasgow laitlie unit and annexit to the said archheshoprike, togidder with the teyndis, personage and viccarage, of the kirks of [...] and otheres at lenth therincontenit, togidder with the chairtour and infeftment to fallowe thairupoun in the haill heedis, articles, clauss and conditiones therof; and declaires the samene alse sufficient as if the samene writtes were at lenth and verbatim insert heir[in]till, quhairanent his majestie, with consent of the said estates, dispenses, and willis and declaires that the foirsaid gifte and mortificatione abovewrittin shall be ane sufficient and valied right to the saidis proveist, baillies, counsell and commountie of the said burghe of Glasgowe for bruiking and joysing of the teynds abovewrittin and otheres thairinementionat in all tymecomeing.

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