Ratificatione in favoures of Johne Diksone

Our soverane lord and estates of parliament ratifies and approves to and in favoures of his hienes lovit Johne Dickesone of Hartrie, servitour to Sir Alexander Gibsone, younger, of Durie, clerke of register, ane chartour made and granted be Williame, erle of Mortoun, conteaneing ane gifte de novodamus thairintill to the said Johne Dickesone, his aires and assigneyes thairin conteyned heritablie, off and wpoun all and haill the toune and landis of Killbocho, the mylne, mylnelandis and multoures therof, the landis of the moitte or maynes of Killbocho, the landis of Raw, the landis of Blandeweing, the landis of Cloich, the landis of Goisland, with the advocatione, donatione and right of patronage of the kirke of Kilbocho, personage and viccarage teyndis of the parochine therof, daited the therteene day of August jM vjC and therttie yeeres, with the takis of the teyndis of the said parochine and acte of prorogatione thairof, daited the tuentie third day of Januar 1618 yeeres. And alse the tuo chartours made and granted be Johne, erle of Traquair, to and in favoures of the said Johne Dicksone, his aires and assigneyes therinspecified, the ane thairof of the landis of Eisterplace of Hartrie, Burnefute, Howstake and Blakebyres, and the wther of the landis of Westerhartrie, mylne thairof and fyve pund land of Threepland, with the toure, fortalice and maner place of the same landis, both daited the tuentie sevint day of Merche jM vjC therttie fyve yeeres, with the houss, haill pairtes, pendicles and pertinentes of the landis and otheres abovespecified, all lyand within the parochine of Killbocho, shereffdome of Peebles and regalitie of Dalkeith, with the dispositions, procuratories and instrumentes of resignatione wheron the saidis chartoures proceedit and the preceptes of seasing and instrumentes of seasing falloweing wpoun the foirsaidis chartoures, and ather of them; togidder also with ane dispositione granted be Johne, erle of Traquair, etc., principall thesaurer for the tyme of this kingdome, and the other commissioneres thairin nominat, to the said Johne Dickesone of the annuitie of the teyndis of the foirsaidis haill lands abovementionate, with the pertinentes, daited the ellevint day of August, jM vjC thertie sevine yeeres, and registrat in the bookes of exchekker the fyfteene day of the samene moneth and yeere; togidder lykewayes with all uther infeftmentes, seasingis and otheres rightes granted to the said Johne Dickesone and his authoures and there predecessoures off, upoun and conserneing the foirsaidis landis, mylnes, patronage, teyndes, annuitie and otheres abovespecified off whatsomevir daites, tennours or contentes the samene be of, in all and sindrie the heedis, articles, clauss and conditiones thairinconteaned, and eftir the formes and tennours thairof in all poyntes. And our said soverane lord and estates of parliament declaires that this present ratificatione of the saidis chartours, infeftmentes, takkes, dispositiones and otheres rightes speciallie and generallie abovewrittin heerby ratified as said is, is and shall be alse sufficient and of alse great force and effect as if the samene chartoures and rightes wer per expressum de verbo in verbum insert heerintill, notwithstanding the samene be not sua done; quhairanent, and withall other defectes and objectiones that may be proponit or alledged againes the samene rightes or any of them, or this present ratificatione thairof and validities of the samene, our said soverane lord and estates of parliament hes dispensit and heerby dispenses for evir. And farder, our said soverane lord and estates of parliament foirsaidis decernes and ordeanes the saidis chartours, infeftmentes, takkes and rightes heerby ratified to be valied and wndoubted rightes to the said Johne Dickesone and his foirsaidis for bruiking and possessing of the saidis landis, mylnes, patronage, teyndis, annuitie and otheres respective above writtin conteaned in the saidis rightes with the pertinentes thairof abovewrittin and conforme to the saidis rightes in tymecomeing.

  1. NAS, PA2/22, f.257r-258r.