Ratificatione to the Laird of Hallhill

Our soverane lord and estates of this present parliament hes ratified and approvine and, be thir presentes, ratifies and approves the chartor granted be his majestie, with consent of his hienes thesaurer, thesaurer deput and remanent lordis of his majesties excheker of this kingdome, wnder his hienes great seale, to his majesties lovit James Mellvill of Hallhill, his aires maill and assigneyes, off all and sindrie the landis of Nethergrange of Kinhorne Wester, callit The Maynes, with the tynd shaves therof includit, and ther pertinentes, with the maner place, tour, fortalice or castle of Bruntyland, commonlie callit the Castle of Bruntyland, and with the mylnes of Brunt Illand, commonlie callit the Sea Mylnes of Brunt Iland, with the multores of the toune of Bruntyland, callit Wester Kinghorne, with the astricted multores of all and sindrie cornes growand wpoun the ground and lands of the said toune of Bruntyland and of all otheres kyndis of cornes inbrought within the said toune, and tholling, fyre and water therin, with the knaveshipe and otheres dueties and services quhatsomevir perteaneing to the saidis mylnes callit the Sea Mylnes, and of all and haill the eist quarter of the saidis lands of Wester Kinghorne, with houss, biggingis, yairdis, toftis and pertinentes thairof lyand within the regality of Dumfermeling and shereffdome of Fyfe, all erected in ane frie barrony callit the barrony of Bruntyland, to be holden of his majestie and his hienes successsoures in fewferme and heritadge, as the said chartour of the dait the tuentie sext day of Januar 1638 yeires at lenth beires. And sicklyke ratifies and approves ane wther chartour granted be his majestie, with consent foirsaid, wnder his hienes great seale, to the said James Mellvill, his aires and assignayes, off the landis of Eister Collessie, callit Hallhill, with toure, fortalice, orchyairds, yairdis, mylnes, mylnelandis, multours and sequelles thairof, and sicklyke of the landis of Murefeildis, with houss, biggingis, toftes, croftes, pairtes, pendicles and pertinents, off all and sindrie the saidis landis of Eister Collessie, callit Hallhill, mylne thairof, and of the saidis landis of Murefeild with ther foirsaidis, lyand within the stewartry and shereffdome of Fyff, and of the teyndshaves and personage teyndis of the saidis landis of Collessie, callit Hallhill, pairtes, pendicles and pertinentes therof, lyand within the parochine of Collessie and shereffdome foirsaid, to be holdine of his majestie and his hienes successoures, as in the said chairtour made therwpone of the dait the thrid day of November 1625 yeeres at mair lenth is conteyned; togidder with the preceptes and instruments of seasingis falloweing wpoun the saidis chartoures, togidder with all and sindrie otheres infeftmentes, seasingis, confirmationes and otheres evidentes, rightes and securities mad to the said James Melvill of Hallhill, his authores or predicessoures off and conserneing the landis, mylnes, multours, teyndis and otheres abovespecified, off whatsomevir daites, tennours or contentes the samene be of, in all and sindrie heides, clauss, articles and conditiones conteyned thairintill, eftir the formes and tennoures of the samene in all poyntes. And his majestie and estates of the said parliament willis and grantes that this present ratification shall be alse good, valied and sufficient as if the saidis chartours, infeftmentes and otheres speciallie and generallie abovementionat wer heirin speciallie ingrost and insert, quhairanent our said soverane lord and estates foirsaidis hes dispensit and dispenses be thir presentes.

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