Reference in favoures of Williame Dick of Braide

The quhilk day the supplicatione givine in to the parliament be Williame Dicke of Braid, desyreinge the king and parliament to take to consideracion the reall advancement made be the supplicant to his hienes thesurer of his whole take duetie of the customes of the yeires of God 1637, 1638, 16382, with the supplicantes prejudice by the merchandis refuissall of payment of the customes due for the amunitione imported be them these yeires and by the act mad in Junii exeiming amunitione importit from payment of custome, and therfore craveing to grant either reall and personall executione to the supplicant againes the merchandis and otheres that imported any ammunitione the foirsaidis yeirs for payment to him of ther due customes, or elles to allowe retentione to the supplicant of alse meekle impost and other customes intrometted with and to be intrometted with be him as may be equivalent to his prejudice and loiss foirsaid, as the said supplicatione more fullie proportes; being this day red in audience of the kingis majestie and estates of parliament, his majestie and estates foirsaidis hes remitted and referrit, and heerby remittes and referes, the foirsaid supplicatione to the lordis and otheres of his hienes exchekker.

  1. NAS, PA2/22, f.202r.
  2. Sic. '1638' repeated, possibly in error for 1639.