Reference in favoures of Sir James Ramsay, collonall

The quhilk day, anent the supplicatione givine in to the kingis majestie and estates of parliament be Sir James Ramsay, collonell of horss, beirand that it was not wnknowne to the lord generall and otheres of the supplicantes honorable and profitable imployment in the French warres, and that for the respect he caried to his native cuntrey he did quyte his place and chairge there with his bygone arreirages, amonting to nynteine hundreth pund sterling, by the hoipes of the French king his gratuitie, and that the supplicant did imbrace the service of this his native cuntreie as a collonell of a regiment of horss, wherthrow he hes bene put to great chairges, and therfore desyreing the king and parliament to take the premiss to consideracione and to cause give order for reparatione of the supplicantes loisses in such a way and measure as shall be thought expedient, as the supplicatione at more lenth beires. Quhilke supplicatione being this day red in audience of the kingis majestie and estates of parliament, his majestie and estates forsaidis hes remitted and remittes the samene supplicatione to the commissione appoynted by the king and the estates for the commone burdings of this kingdome to be considered be theme.

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