Act anente the liberatione of these men in the castle, viz: Erle of Montrose, Lord Naper, Lairdes Keir, Blakhall, Sir Walter Steuarte, Sir Robert Spotswood and Sir Johne Hay, with ther act of cautioune

The quhilke day the supplicatione givine in to the kingis majestie and estates of parliament be James, erle of Montrose, Archbald, lord Naper, Sir George Stirling of Keir and Sir Archbald Stewart of Blakehall, knytes, craveing inlargment and libertie out of the castle of Edinburgh, where they are committed by warrand from the committee of estates of parliament, with the other supplicatione lykewayes givine in to the king and parliament be Sir Robert Spotswood and Sir Johne Hay knytes, desyreing also ther enlargement and libertie out of the said castle of Edinburghe, where they remaine incarcerate by warrand from the estates of parliament, togidder also with the supplicatione of Leutennent Collonall Stewarte for his libertie forth of the said castle wher he is incarcerat by warrand from the said committee of estates, being red and tane to consideracione by the kingis majestie and estates of parliament, his majestie and estates of parliament foirsaidis ordeanes the saidis James, erle of Montrose, Archibald, lord Naper, the lairdis of Keir and Blakehall, Sir Robert Spootswood, Sir Johne Hay, Lieutennent Collonall Walter Stewart and everie one of theme to be put to libertie forth of the said castle of Edinburgh, wher they are committed and incarcerat by warrand respective foirsaid, they and everie one of them finding sufficient cautione to behave themselves in such a quyet maner as may conduce most for the weell and peace of the kingdome and according to the actes of parliament, quhairin if they faillyie, the favour granted to them by the king and parliament to be null. And alse the saidis supplicantes and ilke ane of theme finding lykewayes catioune to appeire befor the commissioneres appoynted by the king and parliamente for tryeing the incendiares and plotteres, or quorume of the saidis commissioneres conteint in the commission granted heiranent, whensoevir and at such tyme or tymes as the supplicantes abovenamed or any of them shalbe requyred to appeare before the saidis commissioneres or quorum therof. And as for these incendiaries who are citate to the parliament and are out of the cuntrey, incaice any of them shall returne to this kingdome, his majestie and estates of parliament declaires that these that shall returne shall be obleist to find the lyke cautione with the lyke certificatione as the supplicantes abovenamed are ordeind to find, whilke cautione sua to be fund be these persones returneing his majestie and estates ordeanes to be received by the lordis of his hienes privie counsell; and declaires that upoun the finding of the said cautione, these persones shall have libertie of ther persones, and declaires that this act for the cautione therinmentionat shall onlie stand obligatour againes the cautioneres dureing the tyme of the foirsaid commissione appoynted for the foirsaid tryell, which endures onlie to the first day of Merch nixtocome allenerlie.

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