Act anente cocquetes and entries of shipes modifieing the entrie to 23 shil[lings] 4 pen[ce] and the cocquet to 40 shil[ings]

Our soverane lord and estates presentlie conveened, wnderstanding ther ar diverse abuses committed by the customeres and receiveres of entries of shipes and by the keeperes of the cocquet in somtyme exacting from maisteres of shipes greater soumes of money then is due to them, and somtymes absenting themselves to the great prejudice of the merchantes estate and to the hazard of the loosse of ther voyage, therfor, our soverane lord, with advyce and consent of the saidis estates, ordeanes that ther be no greater pryce exacted for entring ther shippes and goodes then the soume of tuentie three shillingis four pennyes, and for the said cocquet then the soume of fourtie shillingis, and that the keeperes of the said cocquet attend by themselves or ther servantes diligentlie and reddily to ansuer and give out cockquetes to all merchands and maisteres of shipes wnder paine of losing ther places whensoever they shall be fund either to exact more nor the said soume abovewrittin or shall occassione to the saidis merchandis or maisteres more delay then is needfull for writinge of the same.

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