Procedure: protest; asking of instruments
Protestatioun for the colledge of justice

The quhilke day Sir Thomas Hope, in name and behalfe of the lordis of sessione and remanent members of the colledge of justice, protestit that the foirsaid act anent the dischairging of advocationes for 100 li. or within the samene should be allwayes but prejudice of the priviledgs and liberties of the colledge of justice granted thairto and to the senatoures and members thairof, or any wayes perteaneing to the samene judicatorie be the fundacion thairof or be any lawes or actes of parliament sensyne mad and set doune in favore of the college of justice at ony tyme heireftir, and heirupoun askit instrumentis.

  1. Original not yet found. This is not in NAS, PA2/22, f.186v as it is cited in APS. Source is therefore APS, v, p.420.