Act anente pardon of penall statutes

Our soverane lord, considering that the preceise and rigorous exactione of the paine, arbitrary and pecuniell, adjected to penall statutes heertofore made would prove a burthene to his majesties leiges, heavie and wnsupportable if by his majesties grace and favor they should not be eased and liberat of the same, in consideracion wherof his majestie, being willing to give ease and releefe to his subjectes of the foirsaid burdene, heath therfor bene graciouslie pleased, with consent of the estates of parliament, to discharge freelie, pardone and remitte, and by these presentes dischairges, freelie pardones and remittes all contraveeneres of the said penall statutes2 in tyme bygone, except only the statutes conserneing the wnlaufall taking of wsury, transporting of money and gold, slaying of reid and blacke fishe, with the penalties incurred by the consealleres of annuellrentes and wrongeous wpgivers of the inventors of ther money, which ar nowayes dischairged by this present act, nor comprehendit wnder the same.

  1. NAS, PA2/22, f.191v-192r.
  2. Followed by the words, 'for all deeds done by them, contrary to the tenour of the same statutes' in the printed act, The Acts made in the Second Parliament of our most high and dread sovereign Charles, p.145.